Community Paediatric Physiotherapy North and South Lee

What do we do?

Paediatric Physiotherapists are experts in identifying the movement needs of babies, toddlers and children. We can help identify issues with movement skills and identify methods to integrate and coordinate movement patterns and teach families/carers how to participate with the child to advance the quality of their movement and activity.

Paediatric Physiotherapists:

  • can assess a child’s musculoskeletal system (posture, strength, flexibility) and identify needs or reassure parents about the variability in normal musculoskeletal development
  • can help children recover from serious illness or injury which has led to developmental delays or disability
  • can help identify if your child needs to be referred to another medical professional to help with other areas of need
  • can help you and your child focus on an active and healthy lifestyle to ensure your child’s best health and development

Who are we?

Community Paediatric Physiotherapy in North and South Lee is for any babies, toddlers and children aged 0-6 years who need physiotherapy to help improve their movement skills, and so have improved activity and function. All our physiotherapists are Chartered Physiotherapists.

Community Paediatric Physiotherapy also provides specialised physiotherapy support to children aged 6 – 18 years who have developmental motor difficulties limiting their ability to function at home, school or in the community.

Please note this service is not for:

  • Children with specific musculoskeletal requirements e.g. sports injury, painful joints; fracture rehabilitation etc. Children aged eight years or older with these complaints can access services with their local Primary Care Team Physiotherapist (if they have a GMS card) or by contacting a private Chartered Physiotherapist


  • Children already attending or suitable for referral to specialist services or multidisciplinary teams (e.g. North Lee Autism Services; Brother’s of Charity, Enable Ireland, or COPE Foundation). These children are not eligible for Community Physiotherapy services

Who might benefit from our service?

Children referred to Community Physiotherapy commonly present with delays in their movement skills or are not reaching developmental milestones independently such as crawling, sitting or walking, poor coordination, or unusual postures which need further assessment.

We receive referrals from Public Health Nurses (PHN), General Practitioners (GP), Paediatricians, and other Health Care Professionals.

Children are able to access this service if they live in the Cork North or South Lee Local Health Office area and are not accessing/eligible for another multidisciplinary team service. Queries regarding the appropriateness of referrals are welcome and appreciated.

Children may be seen for intervention until their 18th birthday.

How to make a referral?

A referral for Community Paediatric Physiotherapy services can be made by your PHN, GP, Paediatrician, or any other Health Care Professional.

The Community Paediatric Physiotherapy Referral Form must be completed for each child referred. This form must be filled in and signed by the referral agent and parent. It can then be sent to; Community Paediatric Physiotherapy, Block 34, St. Finbarr’s Hospital, Douglas Rd., Cork.

If your child has previously been assessed by a health care, medical, or educational professional please provide us with a copy of any letters or reports at the time of referral.

What should I expect after referral?

Following referral your child will be prioritised based on the type of problem, the age of the child and how physiotherapy can make a difference. Your child will be placed on either an “Urgent” or “Non urgent” waiting list and you will be contacted by phone or post when an appointment is available.

Waiting times for some problems can be up to 12 months. You can telephone (021 492 7850) to inquire how long your child is likely to be waiting for their initial appointment.

What should I expect at the first session?

You will be seen at your assigned appointment time. The assessment will involve meeting the physiotherapist, discussing your child’s abilities and difficulties and learning what you can do to help address your child’s needs. Further appointments will be scheduled as needed at that time. Assessments and interventions are play-based and active.

Please make sure your child can participate fully by wearing a track suit or other comfortable clothing and runners or other appropriate footwear. Bring water as your child may get thirsty after exercising.


If you cannot attend your appointment please contact us (021 492 7850) as soon as possible so that another family can avail of your appointment. Due to high demand, families who fail to attend appointments without cancelling will be discharged.

Where are we?

North Lee Community Paediatric Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapists: Brenda Murphy, Triona Hayes, Daphne DeCoster

We are based in Teach Mhuire/Roseville House, Lower Ground Floor, Old Youghal Rd., Mayfield, Cork. 

South Lee Community Paediatric Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapists: Brenda Murphy, Julie Gilmore, Linda Armstrong

We are based in City General Hospital, First Floor, Infirmary Rd., Cork. 

How to contact us?

Our main office number is: 021 492 7850

This is a voicemail service so when you telephone you will be asked to leave a message and a physiotherapist will return your call as soon as possible.

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