Dental and Orthodontic Services in Donegal


Our base is in the dental department, St Conal’s Hospital, Letterkenny, and there are twelve other clinics around the County. We are responsible for the dental health of all children up to 16 years old, special needs groups, and adults with medical cards. However, we mainly concentrate on treating schoolchildren and people with special needs, who can also be seen by our Senior Dental Surgeon (special needs) if necessary. We see specific classes each year via the School Dental Inspection (SDI) scheme

The School Dental Inspection Scheme

Each year schoolchildren in specific target classes are called into their local dental clinic for inspection and follow up treatment. In line with HSE policy, the targeted groups are First, Fourth and Sixth Class children in primary school. All children in Special Classes are also annually targeted for examination and treatment. Signed consents are required for these inspections and these are organised through the school beforehand.

NB Please tell the dentist of any medical problems your child may have, or medicine they are taking, at the first opportunity.

Services for schoolchildren

We do most routine treatments like fillings, extractions and root treatments, and we put a heavy emphasis on preventive treatments such as fissure sealants (plastic coatings on molar teeth). As a general policy we do not fill baby (milk) teeth except in special cases where there would be a significant health gain. Visiting specialists can carry out some more advanced treatments, and our dentists can refer other specialised cases outside our department if required.

Seeing patients outside the SDI scheme

Children can be seen outside these classes if they are in pain or if a parent/guardian, doctor or Public Health Nurse (for example) is worried about anything regarding their oral/dental health. Please phone the local clinic, and an appointment will be given at the earliest possible convenience.

Services for pre-school children

Although this age group does not receive regular treatment in our clinics, our oral health promoter and our hygienists run various preventive and educational schemes and campaigns. These are often in cooperation with the Public Health Nurses.

Orthodontic treatment

We are separate from the orthodontic department, although we work closely with them. Only certain children will be eligible to be treated by the orthodontic department. Our own role is to review and monitor eruption of your child’s teeth and if and when required refer to the Orthodontic Department. We only carry out a limited range of simpler treatments ourselves.

Services for Adults

The Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS) is a separate scheme for adult medical cardholders (16 years and over) operated by private dentists. For information on the DTSS contact the Dental Department, St Conal’s Hospital, Letterkenny, or call 074 912 3562


For most purposes, and especially specific queries/concerns about patients, you should first phone the local dental clinic (numbers listed below). More general queries (or if there is no-one at the local clinic on the day) can be dealt with by the main department in Letterkenny (074 912 3562).

Letterkenny 074 9123562 (main office)

Ballyshannon  071 9834691

Buncrana 074 9898700

Carndonagh 074 9374251

Creeslough 074 9138200

Donegal Town 074 9898170

Dungloe 074 9521044

Falcarragh 074 9165157

Glenties 074 9551659

Killybegs 074 9731078

Lifford 074 9141351

Moville 074 9382735

Stranorlar 074 9131268