Dental and Orthodontic Services in Dublin West

Dental Services 

Ballyfermot Primary Care Telephone: 017956156 / 017956157 / 017956160 / 017956161

Rowlagh, Clondalkin Dental clinic Telephone: 0766955951 / 0766955952

Deansrath, Clondalkin Dental Clinic Telephone: 014573957

Inchicore Primary Care Telephone: 014716380 / 014716318

Lucan Dental Clinic Telephone: 016100024

Rathcoole Dental Clinic Telephone: 014586572

Rosse Court Dental Clinic Telephone: 014647711

Orthodontic Service

H.S.E Orthodontic Service, Simms Building, Tallaght Cross West, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Telephone: 01 9214601 Email:

Dental Services for Children 

During the COVID pandemic, routine dental services are postponed. If patients need urgent dental care, they are requested to phone before they attend a health centre. If necessary, they will be offered an appointment in one of the health centres where there is an emergency dental service available.

Routine dental care for children is arranged through local national schools, with children in specific classes prioritized for appointments.  Oral health promotion is provided by a dental nurse who visits as many schools as possible in the area. The service for pre-school children is largely an educational one for parents or carers.

All special schools for children are screened annually and children are then referred to their local clinic for any necessary treatment.

Dental Services for Adults 

Dental Services for adults with medical cards are available from dentists who have contracts with the HSE to provide dental treatment through the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS). Further information and lists of contracted dentists are available at HSE dental clinics or by calling 01 795 5963.

Adults with special needs may be assessed in residential or day centres, with follow up treatment provided in HSE clinics or by DTSS dentists.

Out of Hours Emergency Services 

The Dental Hospital, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, provides an Emergency Out- of- Hours service for severe dental emergencies only.  This service must be accessed by calling 016127200 and leaving your details, including the telephone number at which you can be contacted, on the answering machine.  Alternatively, you can contact your nearest general hospital Casualty Department.