Social Inclusion Services in Dublin West

The Social Inclusion Office Community Healthcare Organisation 7 Dublin South, Kildare & West Wicklow.

The core objective of Social Inclusion is improvement of health outcomes for the most vulnerable in society. This includes provision of targeted interventions for people from traditionally marginalised groups who experience health inequalities, have difficulties accessing services and present with multiple, complex health and support needs.

Vulnerable people and communities falling within the remit of Social Inclusion include Irish Travellers and Roma, Asylum seekers and refugees and LGBT service users.

Issues of addiction, substance misuse, homelessness and domestic, sexual and gender based violence are overarching themes. The cross cutting nature of social inclusion, with intersection of a range of issues across service user groups demands a partnership approach across statutory and voluntary sectors  where responses are flexible, sophisticated, coordinated and aimed at eventual integration of service users into mainstream services, where possible. At the same time, social inclusion works with mainstream services towards assuring accessibility to disadvantaged service users.

The CHO7 Social Inclusion Office contact details are:

HSE Social Inclusion Office, CHO 7, Community Services Building, Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10. Telephone: 017955730

HSE Cherry Orchard Hospital Main Reception: 016206000