Addiction Services - LHO - North Dublin

The Addiction Service supports the provision of an integrated range of preventative, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services to meet the diverse health and social care needs of our service users in an accountable, accessible and equitable manner.

The Addiction Service promotes a drug-free lifestyle by providing prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare programmes to minimise the harmful effects of substance misuse and prevent the spread of HIV / Hepatitis and other infections.

Referral and access to the Addiction Service is through Self Referral, Family Members, GPs, Drop-in Centres, Needle Exchange, Treatment Centres, Satellite Clinics, Community Support Groups, and through the Garda Arrest Referral System.

Needle Exchange services for under 16yrs require parental consent.

Needle exchange is a confidential service for injecting drug users, where they are able to get sterile injecting equipment and dispose safely of used injecting equipment

Contact the Treatment Centres / Satellite Clinic or any Outreach Worker at any Clinic or Needle Exchange in your area to arrange your first visit.

Addiction Services Head Quarters, Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7 Tel   01 8820300 Fax: 01 882033 Clinical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist in Substance Misuse, Phibsboro Tower Tel: 01 8820300 Fax:  01 8820330

Counselling Service, Phibsboro Tower, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 Tel 018820300 Fax: 01 8820330

Information, Education & Prevention, Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7 Tel 01 8820300 Fax: 01 8820330

Outreach Service, Phibsboro Tower, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 Tel 01 8820300 Fax: 01 8820330

Rehabilitation/Integration Service, Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7 Tel 01 8820300 Fax:  01 8820330

Local Drug Task Force, Clancarthy Road, Donnycarney, Dublin 5 Tel 01 8465070 Fax: 01 8465071

Alcohol Services, Stanhope Street, Dublin 7 Tel 01 6773965

In-Patient and Out-Patient Detoxification

St. Michaels Ward, Beaumont Hospital, Beaumont, Dublin 9 Tel: 01 8093288 Fax: 01 809300

Unit Manager, Cuan Dara, Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10 Tel: 01 8093288 Fax: 01 8093000


Soilse provides services for people who are genuinely motivated to rehabilitate themselves vocationally and have difficulty in finding courses which meet their social as well as occupational needs. 

Services in Soilse are offered daily from 9am- 5pm. After Care is provided two evenings a week.

The gym is open on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 5pm- 7pm and on Sunday 11am- 1pm.

Referral to drug-Free Centre can be made through family or self-referral. Alternatively, clients can be referred by a letter from their GP, the Probation & Welfare Services or the HSE Addiction Services. (Clients must be drug-free)

Referral to prescribed Medication Centre is through Self Referral, Family, and letter of referral from GP, Probation & Welfare Services, and HSE Addiction Services. Clients must be on prescribed Methadone

Soilse Drug Free Centre, 6-7 North Fredrick Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8724535 Fax:  01 8724586

Read more about Soilse

Prescribed Medication, 1-2 Henrietta Place, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8724922 Fax:  01 8724891 



Rehabilitation and Integration Service

Floor 2, Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 8820300

Keltoi, Phoenix Park, Dublin 20 Tel: 01 6200040

Voluntary Drug Centres

Merchants Quay Project, Merchant Quay, Dublin 8 Tel: 01 6790044

Saol Project, Amiens St, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8553391

Anna Liffey Project, 48, Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8786899

Coolmine House, 19 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6794822

Drug Awareness Programme (Crosscare), Red House, Clonliffe House, Dublin 3 Tel: 01 8390911

Dublin Aids Alliance, 53 Parnell Square,, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8733799

Open Heart House, 2 St Marys Place, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 8305000

Teen Counselling, Mater Dei, Clonliffe Rd, Dublin 3 Tel: 01 5574705

The Cavan Centre, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan Tel: (049) 8544436


Support for people in the community infected by HIV/AIDS

Referral to this service is via Hospitals, GPs, Family, Word of Mouth, Public Health Nurses, HIV Clinics

Dublin Aids Alliance, 53 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8733799 Fax:  01 8733174

Open Heart House, 2 St. Mary's Place, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 8305000

HSE Direct Service Delivery - Treatment Centre

This service provides medication, counselling and referral to other services for people living in the local community

Referral is through HSE Outreach Services, Needle Exchanges, GPs, and Self referral.

Beldale View, Belcamp Lane , Darndale, Dublin 17 Tel: 01 8488951

Satellite Clinics

Satellite Clinics have specific opening times. You will be seen by a GP who will assess your needs and write you a prescription, if necessary. The prescription is then taken to the local Pharmacy to be dispensed.

Referral is through HSE Outreach Services, Needle Exchanges, GPs, and Self referral.

Bonnybrook Satellite Clinic, Brookhaven, Glin Road, Bonnybrook, Dublin 17 Tel: 01 8770205 Fax: 01 8770300

Coolock Satellite Clinic, Brookhaven, Glin Road, Bonnybrook, Dublin 17 Tel: 01 8770205 Fax:  01 8770300

Donabate Satellite Clinic, Donabate Health Centre, Donabate, Co Dublin Tel: 01 8436079 Fax:  01 8434318

Donnycarney Satellite Clinic, Le Cheile, Collins Avenue East, Donnycarney, Dublin 5 Tel: 01 8314985

Edenmore Satellite Clinic, Edenmore Health Centre, Edenmore Park, Dublin 5 Tel: 01 8480666 Fax: 01 8473903

Howth Satellite Clinic, Howth Centre, Main Street, Howth, Co Dublin Tel: 01 8322984 Fax: 01 8359717

Kilbarrack Satellite Clinic, Kilbarrack Health Centre, Foxfield Crescent, Dublin 5 Tel: 01 8391221 Fax: 01 8322111

Swords Satellite Clinic, Swords Health Centre, Bridge Street, Swords, Co Dublin Tel: 01 8902200 Fax: 01 8902121