Therapy Services in Waterford

Occupational Therapy

These services are provided to people who through illness or disability are in need of support or changes to their lifestyle. Occupational Therapists can advise on any changes that may be needed in the home to support a person with special needs, and on activities that will help a person to regain their independence.

Tel: (051) 842 826


Community Physiotherapy services are provided from the Local Health Office, helping people who have suffered an injury or illness to regain their health or mobility through exercise and movement.

Tel: 051 861 122

Speech and Language Therapy Services

Speech and Language Therapy Services are provided for children and adults who need help developing their speech or who have had difficulty in this area.

Tel: 051 8611 182


Medical Card holders are entitled to Opthalmic or Eye Testing Services, which you can access by calling (051) 842 905.


Audiology service for all children is provided from infants to 18 years of age, and also to adults with medical cards. The service comprises assessment of hearing, counselling with regards to hearing impairment and fitting of an appropriate hearing aid.

Tel: (051) 848 999