Community Pharmacies

You can visit your local pharmacy if you feel unwell. Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals.

They can give you:

  • medicines you can buy without a prescription
  • medicines you have a prescription for
  • advice on minor illnesses, and can tell you if you need to see a GP

They can also tell you how to take your medicines correctly.

Find a pharmacy

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Services available in your local pharmacy include:

  • prescriptions and repeat prescriptions
  • medicines and treatments that you don't need a prescription for
  • help with taking medicines correctly
  • morning after pill 
  • blood pressure check-up


Many pharmacists offer:

Everyone over 65 should get the flu vaccine each year.

Find a pharmacy that is giving COVID-19 and flu vaccines

Medicines without a prescription

Pharmacists can give you treatments for common conditions without a prescription, such as:

  • colds
  • pain relief
  • temperatures
  • hay fever
  • rashes
  • warts

Morning after pill

Pharmacists can give you the morning after pill (emergency contraception). This is part of the free contraception scheme.

You can talk to the pharmacist privately in a consultation room. They’ll ask about your last period and other medicines. They'll tell you how to take it correctly.

Repeat prescriptions

When your GP prescribes medicine for you, they can sometimes make this a repeat prescription with your local pharmacy. 

You can order your repeat prescription by calling the pharmacy. It will be ready for you to collect when you need to get more medicine. This saves you a trip to the GP when your medicine runs out.

Blood pressure monitoring

Your pharmacist can check your blood pressure between your GP appointments.


There are some HSE schemes that can help with pharmacy costs: