Primary Care Child Psychology Service: Dublin South Central

Welcome to HSE Dublin South Central Psychology Services. We hope that you find the information on our page helpful.

What is The Primary Care Child Psychology Service?

  • Our service offers support to children (0-17) who are experiencing mild to moderate psychological challenges.
  • We offer many interventions depending on the level of support a child needs.
  • This is called a Layered Care Approach
  • Lots of people come to our community talks and access self-help information.
  • Many people come to our parenting groups and Psychology Consultation Clinics.
  • Some people attend for assessment or individual therapy.

What can we support you with?

Child Difficulties:

  •  Behavioural difficulties
  •  Anxiety & depression
  •  Difficulties managing feelings
  •  Difficulties with concentration and attention
  •  Mild difficulties relating to disability
  •  Social and interpersonal difficulties
  •  Relationship difficulties between parent and child
  •  And more...

It may not be necessary for your child to attend the service. Often we work in collaboration with parents on how to best support their child.

What services do we offer?

Self-Help Information

Sometimes, we may offer support by guiding you towards self-help reading. We are working with Dublin Libraries to improve access to a list of books on topics such as anxiety, managing feelings, behaviour and feeding.

Parent and Child Group Interventions

We offer regular parent groups where parents can develop and expand on skills to support their children and meet other parents with similar needs.

We offer groups for children to improve their awareness of their emotions and develop skills to help with them when they are feeling over-whelmed.  

-          Joint parent-child mindfulness groups.  

-          Peri-natal and post-natal groups for parents.

Accessing our service

How can you be referred?

You can be referred by a healthcare professional, such as your GP, a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Public Health Nurse.

You can also arrange a self referral through our weekly consultation clinics.

Children may also be referred through their school with your permission.

What happens if you get referred?

We operate a “layered care model” which offers support to parents and children based on their needs.

We arrange a one-off screening appointment after receiving your referral to develop a plan.

Together we will decide which type of support would be most helpful for you and your child. This may include options within our service or in the broader community.

What can you expect when meeting a Psychologist?

A talk with a psychologist is confidential.

Information is only shared with specific individuals or services in situations where there is a concern for you or others’ safety.

Sometimes, with your permission, we may link with other healthcare professionals e.g. a speech and language therapist, to make sure you are best supported.

Who are we?

psychologists Assistant Psychologists
From left to right the psychologists in
the photo are: 
Isobel O’Flanagan (Counselling Psychologist),
Dr Vincent McDarby (Senior Clinical Psychologist)
and Dr Rebecca Schnittger (Clinical Psychologist)

From left to right the Assistant Psychologists
in the photo are:
Toni Galligan, Ciara Hudson, Sara Daly-Bütz

Psychology Team

  • Dr Vincent McDarby, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Isobel O’Flanagan, Counselling Psychologist
  • Dr Rebecca Schnittger, Clinical Psychologist
  • Toni Galligan, Assistant Psychologist
  • Ciara Hudson, Assistant Psychologist
  • Sara Daly Butz, Assistant Psychologist
  • Ciaran Foley, Assistant Psychologist
  • Derbhela Farrell, Assistant Psychologist

Where are we?

Meath Primary Care Centre               Pearse Street Primary Care Centre
Meath Primary Care Centre                                             Pearse Street Primary Care Centre,
1-9 Heytesbury Street, Dublin 8                                       St Mark’s Lane, Lombard St., Dublin 2