What to expect when meeting a Psychologist, Children: Dunlaoghaire/Glasthule Primary Care Team

Child Service

What might a psychologist help with?

A psychologist helps with lots of different problems such as:

  • Tricky feelings such as being upset, angry or worried
  • Finding school work hard
  • Not getting on with friends
  • Getting in lots of trouble
  • Feeling unhappy at home or in school

What is a psychologist?

It's a big word for a person who is trained to help people with their thinking, feelings and actions. Psychologists work with people of all ages from little kids right up to really old people.

What will happen when I see a psychologist?

Nothing that you don't want to. The psychologist may spend time listening to you and talking about your feelings. They might also ask you to play or draw. They might also look at your school work and find out more about what you are good at and what you find a bit harder. Sometimes they use tests to help figure out why some things are harder. The psychologist may ask you to come to their office or they may come to visit you at school. They may also talk to your parents and teacher to help figure out what is going on.

Will the psychologist tell people what I've said?

Almost always what you tell us is private. We will not talk about it to other people. But if you tell us that you or someone else is being hurt, we must let others know who can help this to stop.