Sallynoggin and Glenageary Primary Care Team

Sallynoggin and Glenageary Primary Care Team delivers primary health care to the local population.

The team is made up of Nurses, Speech & Language Therapists, a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, a Social Worker, Clinical Psychology, Home Support Services, participating GPs and administrative staff.

Some services are provided from Sallynoggin Health Centre, Upper Glenageary Road, Sallynoggin, Co Dublin

Tel: 2806754 / 2800786 Fax: 2303253



A Public Health and Community Nursing service provides a range of personal health and social care services to the community.

Occupational Therapy

Assistance with day to day living and independence skills following illness.


Assistance for people dealing with injury, pain or disability


Services available for adults, children and families. Psychology seeks to help people with a range of personal problems which may cause distress or difficulty in how someone is feeling, thinking, behaving or learning.

Speech and Language Therapy

Individual and group services for children

Social Work

Social Workers promote change, problem solving in human relationships, encourages self-help along with fostering advocacy and empowerment.


A Dietitian is a qualified healthcare professional who assesses diet and nutritional status and provides evidence-based advice on all aspects of nutrition and diet in order to promote health, prevent disease and help manage existing conditions.

Early Intervention and School Age Services

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