East Sligo Primary Care Team

East Sligo Primary Care Team delivers primary health care to the local population in Ballymote, Geevagh, Gurteen, Riverstown and the surrounding areas.

The team is made up of Nurses, Speech & Language Therapist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Home Support Services, Social Worker and participating GPs.

A Public Health and Community Nursing service provides a range of personal health and social care services to the community. Beginning at birth, the service provided to mothers and families of new babies includes information, advice on feeding, child development and immunisation in particular. A school based immunisation programme, and a screening programme for vision and hearing is also offered. Community nursing offers a clinical nursing service to those with acute or chronic illness, disability, and those with a terminal illness.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy aims to assist members of the community in remaining as independent as possible in carrying out everyday tasks. Following an occupational therapist’s assessment, the focus is on finding practical solutions to difficulties such as: personal and domestic activities of daily living; advice and recommendations on a barrier-free home environment; recommendations and training on usage of adaptive equipment; self-awareness and falls prevention; memory and perception strategies; maximising work and leisure participation. We also offer advice on reducing anxiety and promoting confidence to fully integrate within the local community; support and guidance for family members or referral to other appropriate agencies. Based on our findings we plan individual or group treatment programmes with you or your family/carer to help you remain at home leading an independent, safe and fulfilled life.

Markievicz House, Sligo. 071-9155130

Physiotherapy aims to restore well-being to people following injury, pain or disability. The service can help to assess, diagnose and treat musculo-skeletal conditions and illnesses that affect people of all ages. The service works with clients to help them achieve their best level of independence. Physiotherapy may also include the provision of therapy, the prescription of individually tailored exercise programmes, the provision of education and advice, the training of family members and carers and, depending on entitlement, the prescription of appliances such as frames and rollators. 

Community Nursing Unit, Ballymote. 071-9183195, Markievicz House, Sligo, 071-9155152

Speech and Language Therapy
Speech and Language Therapists provide assessment, diagnosis and therapy for children with a wide range of communication difficulties. We also provide advice for prevention and early detection of communication problems, and information and support for parents and teachers of children with communication and language difficulties. Following assessment, we may provide therapy in the clinic or refer on to an appropriate service. The therapy may involve individual or group therapy, or advice to home or school. 

Markievicz House, Sligo. 071-9155132

Social Work
Social Workers promote change, problem solving in human relationships, encourages self-help along with fostering advocacy and empowerment.

Markievicz House Sligo, 071-9155167

The primary care Psychologist provides services for children and adults in order to address a broad range of psychological and mental health difficulties. Typical areas that the psychologist can help with include parenting advice / support for child-related difficulties, family problems, therapeutic interventions for depression, anxiety,trauma, adjustment and loss, stressful life events, relationship and other mental health issues. The goal of the Psychology service is to provide psychological assessments and interventions in a confidential and supportive environment in order to alleviate psychological distress and to improve psychological functioning. Referrals may be made to psychology through other members of the Primary Care Team or by contacting the Psychologist directly.

Markievicz House, Sligo. 071-9155132

General Practitioners

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Home Help
Home Helps work with vulnerable people in the community, who through illness or disability are in need of help with day to day tasks. A home help might visit for a couple of hours per day, to help with housework, or sometimes may provide more personal care like help with dressing, bathing etc. You can access this service through your Public Health Nurse.

Markievicz House, Sligo. 071-9155128