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Patient Advocate Liaison Service

Complaints Management Guideline - Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Quality & Safety Department ext 4788

Any questions in relation to complaints, we are here to help

Stage 1 - Verbal (Complaint arises at local level)
Stage 2 - Written Complaint (Complaint Officer)
Stage 3 - Internal Review (RCSI Hospital Group level)
Stage 4 - External review (Office of the Ombudsman)

What to do if a patient or service user makes a complaint
1. If a verbal complaint is received:
  • Listen to the complainant and resolve issues
  • Record locally on point of contact form (available on Q-pulse)
  • If unresolved within 48 hrs, escalate to your line manager
  • Forward the escalated completed form to: Patient Advocate Liaison Manager, Q&S Dept pals.olol@hse.ie
2. Written complaints (managed by the Quality & Safety Department)
  • A complaint is acknowledge within 5 days by the Q&S Dept
  • A Complaints Officer is nominated to address the complaint
  • A written response is provided within 35 days
  • Recommendations and Learning are shared through Clinical Governance and Nurse Management Fora
3. Internal Review
  • A complainant can request an internal review through RCSI Group if dissatisfied with response from Complaints Officer made under Stage 2 only.
4. External Review
  • A complainant can request an independent review from the Ombudsman if unhappy with the outcome of the Stage 2 or Stage 3 process.

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