Disability Services Background

Historically day services have for the most part been organised as segregated services, separate from local communities and offering limited options, experience and choices. New Directions offers a flexible and individualised set of supports to enable each person to live a life of their choosing in accordance with their own wishes and needs. These supports are underpinned by the principles of Person Centeredness, Community Inclusion and Active Citizenship and Quality.

The nature of the supports offered to each individual will depend on their particular needs and abilities. It is the responsibility of the service provider to work with each individual to tailor the programme of supports to their individual needs. The focus of New Directions takes account of the capacities of individuals and the diversity of their needs.

The Benchmarking Exercise completed in 2015 confirmed that there is a commitment to change and many service providers have moved ahead and commenced an approach to service delivery that focuses on the provision of supports.  However, the day service sector is most diverse and significant service change and reconfiguration has yet to be progressed.  The momentum for change has been supported by service reconfiguration, introduction of shared learning, the implementation of the Interim Standards for New Directions and the development of guidance and the development of guidance and support materials for the provider sector.