New Directions Personal Support Services for Adults with Disabilities

New Directions was published by the HSE in 2012. This report sets out a new approach to day services that envisages all the supports available in communities will be mobilised so that people with disabilities have the widest choice and options about how to live their lives and how to spend their time. Read New Directions 2012.pdf (size 1.5 MB) - Personal Support Services for Adults with Disabilities Report.

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  1. The Social Care Operational Plan 2016 (pages 55/56/57) sets out the work that is targeted in 2016 to further progress the implementation of New Directions.  Read Social Care Division Operational Plan 2016.pdf (size 2.6 MB)
  2. Read New Directions Bulletins. The New Directions Bulletin is available in an Easy to Read version.
  3. Interim Standards and Plans to Progress Implementation in 2016.
  4. Benchmarking Services to Support Implementation Planning.
  5. New Directions Learning Event May 2016.
  6. Defining New Service Locations