Review of Kildare NDTs

Review of Kildare West Wicklow Network Disability Teams

In 2016, Dr. Dermot Rush of the Performance Partnership was commissioned to complete a review of the Kildare/West Wicklow Network Disability Teams. The objective of the review was:
• To identify what is working well in the service
• To identify what is working less well in the service
• To make a timeline perspective on how the service is evolving
• To make recommendations as to how the service may be improved

Kildare/West Wicklow is the first area in the country to have completed such a comprehensive review, which will be made public. This demonstrates the commitment of the service to continually enhance and improve the service.

As we listened to families and staff, we learned that great strides have been made in setting up the services and in improving access to disability services based on need for all children in Kildare West Wicklow. We also heard that many families and staff feel that things could be better. Many of the recommendations in the report point toward further developing the management and governance structures, our communication with families, and the way we plan and develop our workforce. It is believed that improving the organisation and practices of the NDT will result in better outcomes for children and families.

We can report with pride that the professionalism and child and family-centred care by the members of the team is acknowledged by families and schools.

The recommendations are informing an action plan for 2018 by the Steering Group, which includes parent representation.

We would like to thank all the families and staff who supported the process and shared their thoughts and experiences so that we could learn and improve. We are committed to work together to ensure the service is child and family-centred and that we deliver on the Vision and Mission of Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People.