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National Guidance Documents

These reports and guidance documents have all been developed at a national level to support Local Implementation Groups and to establish consistency and equity across the country.

Report of Reference Group on Multidisciplinary Services for Children aged 5 to 18 Years 2009

This report forms the basis for the programme’s planned changes to disability services for children and young people. It includes recommendations on a national structure for delivering services and on improving linkages between Education and Health services.


Guidelines for local implementation groups on developing a governance structure and policies for children’s disability services;October 2011 (Structures Guidelines)

These guidelines give local implementation groups the stages they need to work through when developing a new structure for the delivery of disability services.


Framework for Collaborative Working between Education and Health Professionals June 2013

This Framework was developed by a working group comprised of people working in the health services and in education and a parent. It sets out the links needed between the two sectors at national and local level in order for them to work together for the benefit of children with a disability. A guide to the supports needed around the planning for transition stages for children in the education system (into primary school, from primary school to post-primary school etc.) is included.


Report on the Findings of the Consultation on Outcome Statements;2013

A working group was convened to develop a framework for measuring services according to the outcomes achieved for children and families. As part of their work the group consulted with service users, parents and staff through an online survey and this report gives the findings. The final report of the group 'Outcomes for Children and Their Families' was issued subsequently.


Outcomes for Children and Their Families September 2013

This report sets out a new approach to measuring our services according to the outcomes achieved for children and their families.


Guidance on Reconfiguration of Services under the Programme;February 2014

Using experience from areas which have already reconfigured this guidance takes Local Implementation Groups through the detailed planning required when services are to be reconfigured.


Guidance on Specialist Supports;January 2016

This Guidance outlines the need for specialist support for a small number of children whose specific needs require a level of expertise which may not solely be met by the Children’s Disability Network Team or Primary Care services.


National Policy on Access to Health Services for Children with Disability or Developmental Delay;2016

There is one policy on access to Primary Care and Children’s Disability Network services. This will ensure consistency across the country and will make referral easier and more straightforward for parents and other referrers. There is a national referral form with additional information forms according to the child’s age, which are designed to be completed by parents and carers to find out all their concerns about their child’s development.

Guidelines on parent and service user representation on local implementation groups 24.6.13

A guide on how parent representatives on Local implementation Groups should be supported in the role and suggestions on also engaging children and young people to hear their views on services.

Guidance on Individual Family Service Plans 2017

Guidance for teams on what constitutes an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) for national performance reporting under this programme, the process for developing an IFSP and sample IFSP template and forms which could be used to gather information from children/young people and families on their priorities and goals.

Report of the National Advisory Group on Specialist Supports for Deaf Children 2017

The National Advisory Group on Services for Deaf Children gathered information on existing services for deaf children in the Health, Education and non-statutory sectors. The Group identified the specialist supports required in order to assist Primary Care and Children’s Disability Network Teams and ensure best practice. They recommended a model of specialist support at national level through a three-tiered model of training for front line staff, consultation regarding individual children and specialist assessment for the very small number of children for whom all efforts to assess their needs have been unsuccessful.