Linn Dara CAMHS Technology Enabled Care Services

We use technology to enhance care by capturing and sharing information in new ways at Linn Dara.

This has particularly been evident during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the challenges that this situation brought our community and service.

Technology-enabled care services include the following technologies:

  •  Telehealth - involves remote monitoring of patients in their own home to anticipate exacerbations early and build on the patient’s own self-care abilities.
  •  Telecoaching - the use of technology within the patient’s home which minimises risk and can provide urgent notification or allow help-seeking.
  •  Teleconsultations - using technology to provide remote peer-to-peer support or consultations between patients and clinicians, for example, telephone or video consultations.
  •  Telecoaching - telephone or video advice from a clinician to support people by building knowledge, skills and confidence to change behaviours.
  •  Self-Care Apps - technology and applications that raise awareness, knowledge and help people to self-manage.·  

Within Linn Dara CAMHS the majority of technology-enabled care is delivered via teleconsultations or telecoaching (namely remote telephone/video coaching).

These technologies complement services and are appropriate for some patients, some of the time. We know from research that in many, but not all cases, telephone or video consultations are a safe and convenient alternative to a traditional face-to-face appointment.

It might not always be appropriate or safe to conduct consultations through technology but your clinician will decide and this is a matter of clinical judgement.

As Linn Dara CAMHS mostly uses video consultations when we deploy technology-enabled care, please see below some helpful resources.

Helpful Resources

Video Consulting Patient Quick (PDF, 1.41 MB, 2 pages)

Frequently Asked Questions Video consultations (PDF, 371 KB, 13 pages)

Information Leaflet Skype Video consultations (PDF, 230 Kb, 2 pages)