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Connecting for Life Goal 6: Reduced Access to Means

Goal 6 banner

To reduce and restrict access to means of suicidal behaviour.

Goal six of Connecting for Life, Ireland's national strategy to reduce suicide 2015-2020, aims to reduce and restrict access to means of suicidal behaviour.

Restricting, where practicable, access to means of suicidal behaviour has been consistently shown to be effective in reducing suicidal behaviour across countries and settings. Implementation of strategies to restrict means can occur at national level, via legislation and regulations, and at local level, for example by improving safety at locations where people frequently attempt or complete suicide. This also includes exploring additional interventions for the most frequently used methods of suicide within the Irish context.


6.1 Reduce access to frequently used drugs in intentional drug overdose.
6.2 Reduce access to highly lethal methods used in suicidal behaviour.

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