Counselling in Primary Care National Evaluation

Changing Lives for the Better -  National Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Primary Care Counselling in Ireland

The HSE Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC) provides short-term counselling for clients experiencing mild to moderate psychological problems.

'Changing Lives for the Better' details the HSE NCS national evaluation of CIPC service.

This research included an evaluation of:

  • The effectiveness of CIPC counselling
  • The impact of counselling at 6 and 12 months
  • GP experiences of the CIPC service
  • Client views of CIPC
  • The relationship between counselling and prescription of psychotropic medication

Main Findings

  • 2,824 clients took part in the study. 
  • 72% of participants improved or recovered and had an improved quality of life after counselling. 
  • 92% of clients described the counselling they received as very effective. : “Counselling has changed my life for the better I can handle anything that life throws at me.” CIPC client
  • Over 90% of CIPC referrals are from GPs. 
  • 80% of GPs surveyed for the report considered counselling beneficial. 
  • A majority of GPs recommended further expansion of CIPC:  ”We need more schemes like CIPC. Some of my patients have improved beyond belief”

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