Counselling in Primary Care National Evaluation

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Primary Care Counselling in Ireland

Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC) is a national Irish service providing short-term counselling for clients experiencing mild to moderate psychological problems. Since its launch in May 2013, the number of referrals has grown to an average of 1,500 each month in 2017. GPs are the largest referrer group in CIPC accounting for roughly 90% of all referrals. CIPC is currently undergoing a comprehensive national evaluation and thereupon provide the results to the general public, service users, GPs, HSE stakeholders and policy decision-makers and funders.

There are several objectives to the evaluation:

  1. Examining clients’ clinical outcomes in order to report the effectiveness of the CIPC service.
  2. To investigate the impact of short-term counselling on GPs’ prescribing of psychotropic medication to CIPC clients once therapy has concluded.
  3. To gather and examine quantitative and qualitative feedback from all GPs who have referred patients to the service.
  4. To provide a set of recommendations to inform the future direction of CIPC based on its commitment of continuous evaluation for the improvement of the service for clients.

Changing Lives for the Better Exec Summary June 2022 

Changing Lives for the Better CIPC Full Report   

 CIPC National Evaluation Report - Phase 1