Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC)

This service is available to adults over 18 years who are medical card holders and experiencing mild to moderate psychological and emotional difficulties such as: depression, anxiety, panic reactions, relationship problems, loss issues, stress. Many people who are currently attending have sought counselling to address the impact of the pandemic.

On average 19,000 referrals are made to CIPC each year. At any one time more than 2,000 clients are attending for counselling.

CIPC provides up to 8 counselling sessions with a professionally qualified and accredited Counsellor/Therapist. CIPC operates from over 240 locations situated throughout Ireland, typically local Primary Care Centres.

CIPC is a client centred service, Counsellor/Therapists employ a range of psychological therapies depending on the presenting issues and assessed needs of clients who attend. Counselling approaches include person centred, cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, integrative and supportive therapies.

How to Access the CIPC Service


Referral to CIPC is through your GP or member of your local primary care team. Once your GP/Primary Care Team practitioner has arranged a referral you must contact your local CIPC service to opt-in to counselling. You can do this by phoning the service in your area.

  • Click here for details of the CIPC service in your area.
  • Health Care professionals click here for details on how to make a referral.