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National DBT Project Office

Coordinated National DBT Research
The National DBT Research Project has three core objectives:
1) evaluate the effectiveness of DBT in all teams trained (outcome evaluation)
2) evaluate the economic effectiveness of DBT
3) evaluate the implementation of DBT

As research papers and reports are finalised we will make them available under the Publications section below:


Some journal articles/books are Open Access and free to view. For these articles we have included links to the specific journal page. For all other articles, we have listed the article title, journal name and date of publication.

National DBT Project Report 2013-2018

Multisite Implementation and Evaluation of 12-Month Standard Dialectical Behavior Therapy in a Public Community Setting, published in the Journal of Personality Disorders (2018) (link to abstract)

Innovations in Practice: Dialectical behaviour therapy for adolescents: multisite implementation and evaluation of a 16‐week programme in a public community mental health setting (September 2018)

"Borderline Personality Disorder: Resource Utilisation Costs in Ireland" published in the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 16 July 2018 (link to abstract)

Dialectical behaviour therapy – skills training for emotional problem solving for adolescents (DBT STEPS‐A): evaluation of a pilot implementation in Irish post‐primary schools, published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 3 June 2018.

The Oxford Handbook of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (August 2017), including a chapter on Implementation in National Systems: DBT in an Irish Context (March 2018)

Exploring DBT clinicians' experiences of team consultation meetings (February 2018)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for treating adults and adolescents with emotional and behavioural dysregulation: study protocol of a coordinated implementation in a publicly funded health service. (February 2018)

DBT (STEPS-A) - Report on the Pilot Implementation in Ireland.pdf (size 1.2 MB) (October 2017)

Standard 12 month dialectical behaviour therapy for adults with borderline personality disorder in a public community mental health setting. (September 2017)

Family Connections versus optimised treatment-as-usual for family members of individuals with borderline personality disorder. (August 2017)