Behavioural Family Therapy

This therapy is a way of working with families when a member of the family is experiencing a mental health difficulty. It aims to improve their relationships and find solutions to problems.

Who is this therapy for?

Research has shown that Behavioural Family Therapy is effective in reducing stress for people who experience mental health difficulties and their families. 

What does it involve?

A Therapist will work directly with your family on a weekly basis for approx one hour. The aim is to help improve communication within your family, enhance your problem-solving skills and give a comprehensive education package on illness, treatment and relapse prevention strategies.

How long does it last?

About 13 weeks.

What days does it run and where?

Your therapist will sort out appointment times. Therapy usually takes place in the family home unless the family would prefer to meet somewhere else.

Who provides this Therapy?

Behavioural Family Therapy is provided by an experienced team member of the mental health team. This therapist will have undergone specialist training and gets specialist supervision.

Is there a waiting time?

Waiting times vary depending on your area.

Where can I find out more?

Speak to your Local Mental Health Team.