Dublin West and South West Community Mental Health Services

Feather from Printdelic We provide mental health services to you in your home or in your local community. Find out more about Community Mental Health Services and your local mental health team here.
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Thinking of contacting the mental health services?

Read here about getting help for the first time.

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Need help urgently?

Here we outline how to contact and access our service.

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Getting back up on your feet after having a mental health problem is a challenge experienced by many people.

Find out more about other people's experiences and resources that can help you in your Road to Recovery

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Here is some further information that might be useful to you on as you try to navigate you way to recovery.

House picture People close to those with mental health problems also need support. Find out more about help for Carers and Family Members.
Other Local Services Day to day life itself can be stressful. Need help with issues like money, drugs or unemployment? Click here for other local services.

About Us - This site was developed by a team consisting of a staff member, a service user and carer connected to our local mental health service, and was supported by a grant from the GENIO foundation.

Comments like this, from our client's families, are what inspired the development of this site:

If I knew then what I know now, I would have saved a lot of headaches and a lot of heart aches. I just didn’t know where to get help for my son…I was clutching at straws for anyone that could help.’