Lifestyle Redesign or Well Elderly Group

Purpose of Programme

The 'Lifestyle Redesign' is a therapeutic group which aims to provide support for older People in the community who may have experienced traumatic changes to their lifestyle by bereavement / loss of role / onset of illness etc. The 'LifestyleMatters' Group' provides people with opportunities to maintain or improve their level of functioning, learn new skills or knowledge and promotes independent living. An emphasis is also placed on living within the community environment and accessing community resources.

Target Group

Current and active clients (Psychiatry of Later Life service) who have the cognitive ability to engage in the group process. Programme is suitable for: clients experiencing difficulties with managing aspects of their lifestyle (including self care, productivity and leisure); Clients who wish to make changes to their daily routine; Clients who experience difficulties with motivation; Clients who feel socially isolated.

How does a person access this programme?

Via referral by their Doctor, Occupational Therapist or Keyworker working within the service of Psychiatry of Later Life.

How long does it last/What is the time commitment?

Eight week closed programme of 1.5 hour duration.


Occupational Therapists based in Psychiatry of Later Life Service


Programme frequency based on demand

Is there a waiting list for this programme/ How often is it available?

Currently no waiting list.