Professional - Dieticians

Dieticians are experts on diet and nutrition. We can help you deal with any aspect of your diet that may be contributing to your mental health difficulties.

How do I get referred to a Dietician?

Any member of your Local Mental Health Team can refer you to a Dietician. 

What sorts of things can a Dietician help me with?

We can help you if you have anaemia, diabetes, an eating disorder, swallowing problems, weight issues (overweight or underweight), constipation etc.

What can I expect at my first visit?

We will work with you to find areas of your diet and lifestyle that may be contributing to the problem that you were referred for. We do this by discussing your usual diet and lifestyle. We will then help you to plan changes and set goals that will help you to improve your diet and overall health.

What kinds of questions will a Dietician ask me?

We will usually ask you your normal diet, your medical history, your past experiences with food, your feelings about food or weight issues and the ways you’ve tried to deal with your problems in the past. We will probably take measurements like your height, weight and, sometimes, your waist.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. But it can help if you bring a list of the medications you are taking.

Can I bring another person?

It’s okay to bring a family member or carer.

How much time will it take?

Your first appointment takes about 1 hour.

What happens next?

The Dietician will provide you with a date and time for a follow up appointment.

What if I can’t attend an appointment?

Please let us know us as soon as you can. Your appointment time can be given to another person and we can give you a new date.