Professional - Social Workers

Social workers are trained to fully assess people's needs. Social workers place emphasis on the strengths, abilities and natural coping strategies of service users and their families. The social workers main role is to help empower service users. We work with you and your family to tackle the negative effects of isolation, relationship difficulties, low income and lack of  housing.                                  

What practical help can a Social Worker give me?

We can offer information and advice to help you get the most appropriate community service. We can assist you and your family to deal with your accommodation needs both for housing or residential care. We can deal with complex welfare rights or legal issues. We can also set up and monitor family support services if you are in crisis or difficulty.

How do I get a Social Worker?

There is at least one social worker in each local mental health team.  If you need to see a social worker, contact any member of the team and leave a message or discuss your request at your out patient appointment.

What will happen at a meeting?

You will be able to speak with the social worker in private and have enough time to discuss your concerns. The social worker will listen and show respect. They will often need to get to know you in some detail to be able to help you, and will focus on your strengths as well as your current difficulties.

What kinds of questions will they ask me?

Social workers are interested in knowing what the current problems are in your life but also what is good. We work in partnership with you by getting you the services and resources you need. We also help you to achieve a good quality of life in terms of your relationships, income, leisure, occupation and accommodation.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a copy of your medical card or PPS number.

Can I bring another person?

You can if you like.

How long will it take?

At least 30 minutes.

What happens after the meeting?

You and your social worker agree a plan of action at the end of the meeting.

What if I can’t attend an appointment?

Please let us know us as soon as you can. Your appointment time can be given to another person and we can give you a new date.