Supported Socialisation Group

Supported Socialisation is a group to help people who have difficulty mixing with others and getting out and about

What happens at this group?

The group helps people meet in a small groups.You will be invited for a planning session which usually takes place with two Occupational Therapists in a local coffee shop. From here we plan six trips with the group members, e.g. cinema, museum, trip to city, park, etc. We aim to have used a Luas and Dublin Bus as a group at the end of the seven weeks. This group can be a good start to moving on to other things.

Who should go on this programme?

It is open to people who attend our services who have trouble meeting people or getting out and about. We try to have people who are the same age.

How do I get on this programme?

You can be referred by an member of your mental health team.

What happens next?

Before the group you will be phoned and then met by an Occupational Therapist to talk about your interests and goals.

How often does the group meet?

The group typically takes place on a Tuesday morning, leaving from Sheaf House. We start out with a short trip and aim to have longer trips by the end.

How long does the programme last?

There is one planning session & six social outings chosen by group members so seven weeks in total.

Who runs the programme?

The group is run by two Occupational Therapists.

Is there a waiting list?

Generally not but the group is run depending on need within the service and so members may be waiting several months for a full group to commence.

Where can I find out more?

Contact any of the Occupational Therapists in Sheaf House on 01-4635200.