Drugs/HIV Helpline

1800 459 459 or helpline@hse.ie

This is a free and confidential, active listening helpline and email support service offering non-directive support, information, guidance and referral to anyone with a question or concern related to substance use or HIV and sexual health. The Helpline receives a diverse range of queries and provides an opportunity to explore a concern in confidence with onward referral when necessary.

What we do:
We aim to support callers to talk about their situation, explore their feelings and how things are impacting on them. We facilitate callers to identify their supports and help them explore the options that are available. We offer information and guidance, without telling the caller what to do. We have comprehensive information on over 400 services nationwide.

Who contacts the helpline?
We regularly receive calls/emails from people with a concern in relation to themselves, but also many contacts are from family, partners and friends. We are contacted by professionals working in a related discipline, seeking information on services for clients.

Two helplines in one:

Drugs & Alcohol Helpline
Contact us with questions or concerns related to any mood altering substance, whether it is legal or illegal. We have information on the substances, their effects and the services that are available to deal with them. We also have the skills to offer you a space to reflect, explore and look at ways of coping with challenging issues.

For more information on Drugs and Alcohol please visit: www.drugs.ie or www.alcoholireland.ie

HIV & Sexual health Helpline
Contact us with a question or concerns in relation to HIV or STI infection or testing. Also if you have had a positive diagnosis, feel free to contact us to talk about support options. Living with HIV? If you want support or information, please give us a call. 

Ways to contact us:

Call us for free on 1800 459 459, from Mondays to Friday, between 09.30am and 5.30pm

We have recently launched our Email Support Service. If you wish to use this service, just send an email to helpline@hse.ie. Encrypted responses are available on request.

Facebook Visit us on www.facebook.com/DrugsAlcoholandHIVHelpline

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