Tearmann Day Centre, Dingle

The philosophy of Tearmann Day Centre is based on the recovery model of care. The staff at Tearmann Day Centre aim to foster an environment conducive to mental health recovery based on effective treatments with respect for personal autonomy, enabling you to take control, to reach your full potential in terms of both health and social gain and building a valued meaningful and satisfying life. You may be referred to one or more of the services listed below depending on your needs.

 You can access services through your GP or by attending the Emergency Department of University Hospital, Kerry. Click here for more information on accessing services.

MDT Overview

Clinical Nurse Manager II
Carries out detailed nursing assessment with you using the current assessment tools. Individual Care Plans are used and programmes are then planned to meet your needs as you see them.

Community Mental Health Nurse
The community mental health nurse works closely with the staff of Tearmann day centre in planning and evaluating your care while providing clinical care and support to you and your carers in the community.

Occupational Therapy
If you would benefit from education based groups aimed at developing coping skills and strategies for example anxiety management, depression support, coping/life skills and personal development, then you can work with our occupational therapist. These activities include group and individual therapy. One to one sessions are led by your needs and are goal based, focusing on the model of recovery and wellness.

Social Work
You may benefit from working with a social worker if you are facing financial or housing issues. Our social worker works five days a week between two areas, Castleisland and Dingle. The social worker is based in Castleisland three days per week, Dingle one day per week and Tralee one day a week for a team meeting.

Primary Care Liaison Nurse

Working Hours: 9 am -5.30pm Mon –Thurs 9am -4.30 Fridays

If you are in need of counselling but do not need to avail of mainstream mental health services, you can work with Primary Care Liaison Nurse. The liaison nurse in Mental Health supports you with your mental/ psychological distress using a Solution Focused approach that emphasizes and supports your individual's journey towards recovery

The Primary Care Liaision Nurse also enhances team working and relationships between primary and secondary mental health teams and provides Health Promotion and Education training to the community catchment


  • Health Promotion 
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Exercise
  • Weight Control Groups
  • Literature/leaflets available
  • Social interaction/meeting friends/ isolation
  • Healthy eating classes
  • Educational Issues 
  • Information sessions on mental health issues, diagnosis, signs and symptoms, relapse, accessing the services, supports in place etc.
  • Medication management, their uses and side effects and depot medications effects on lifestyle and health issues associated with taking medication.
  • Psychotherapy
  • 1:1 Sessions 
  • Group Work (if similar needs identified)
  • Relaxation Therapy/Stress Management/Yoga, Aromatherapy/Anxiety Management
  • Addiction Therapy (alcohol/drugs/gambling – local support only)

Recreational Activities

  • Social outings -swimming, walks, going to beach, (gathering shells/stones/driftwood for craft work), educational trips, social skills training trips, shopping trips, cinema, concerts, exhibitions etc.
  • Art work/Craft work
  • Gardening group
  • Music group featuring visiting musicians
  • Glass painting, mosaics, and dough craft
  • Paper work, paper mache, collage, card making, frame making. 
  • Board games, Bingo/Scrabble/connect four
  • Cards/crosswords/quizzes.

Occupational Therapy Groups

  • education based groups aimed at developing coping skills and strategies for example anxiety management, depression support, coping/life skills and personal development. 
  • creative groups 
  • cooking groups
  • community outings
  • exercise programs