European Public Health Microbiology (EUPHEM)

The Public Health Laboratories (PHL) was designated a European Public Health Microbiology (EUPHEM) training site by European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) in 2013.

The EUPHEM Fellowship is a 2 year program that involves detailed onsite training and also attendance at many modules across Europe. The objective of the fellowship programme is to strengthen the surveillance and control of infectious diseases and other cross border threats or issues of public health concern, at EU level, supporting the implementation of Decision 1082/2013/EU. This programme aims to strengthen the European network of Public Health professionals through use of shared standards, and support the cascade of training and capacity building within Member States.

Research projects are conducted in-house and alongside other Irish Reference Laboratories and the HPSC. The scope of the Fellowship provided by PHL and the other Irish NRLs has compared very favourably with other larger and better resourced EU sites. The Irish main Supervisor from PHL facilitates on associated modules and participates at EU lab assessments in association with ECDC assessors. This ECDC site designation of PHL for public health microbiology reflects positively on our training programme and provides opportunities for European collaboration, but also provides benefits to Public Health in Ireland.

On the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) you can find information about the ECDC fellowship path.

See below for links to the portfolios of those who have completed the EUPHEM Fellowship:

EUPHEM Report - Summary of work activities by Anne Carroll (PDF, 143 KB, 11 pages)

EUPHEM Report - Summary of work activities by Natalia Redondo Sevillano (PDF, 417 KB, 14 pages)

EUPHEM Report - Summary of work activities by Carina Brehony (PDF, 436 KB, 16 pages)