Public Health Areas

Public Health Areas, Health Service Executive, Republic of Ireland.

About us 

An overview of who we are and what we do.


An overview of the Medical Officer of Health legislation.

Contact us 

Contact details for each of the Public Health Areas.

Protecting Health

  • An overview: Some of the ways in which we intervene to protect the public from exposure to health-damaging hazards.
  • Infectious Diseases: Including - notifying, investigating & preventing infectious diseases.
  • Environment & Health: Including - water quality; air quality; risks from biological, chemical and radio-nuclear hazards.
  • Extreme weather events: Information and advice about flooding, cold weather and heatwaves.

Improving health

Gathering the evidence on how the health of the public can be improved, and working towards making better health available to all.

Developing health services

Evaluating and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare and implementing service development. This Population Profile Visual Display is available to assist planning of interventions, particularly those that wish to target disadvantaged and marginalised groups.


Finding what we can do to keep healthy, and what is most likely to help us get back to health when we are ill.

Our Publications

Departments of Public Health publications on Lenus (The Irish Health Repository) - this collection continues to be updated.

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