Women’s Health Service and Anti-Human Trafficking Team

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Women’s Health Service drop in clinic is closed until further notice. Our team in the HSE Anti Human Trafficking Team and Women’s Health Service continue to support our service users in other ways. Please contact 01 795 8280 for further information

The HSE Women’s Health Service (WHS) and Anti-Human Trafficking Team (AHTT) is a statutory service provided by the Health Service Executive.   The WHS operates sexual health clinic services and outreach support to women/trans women involved in the sex industry.  The AHTT has responsibility for care planning for both female/male victims of trafficking in all areas of exploitation.

Women’s Health Service/Anti-Human Trafficking Team

The Meath Primary Care Centre

1-9 Heytesbury Street

Dublin 8

Telephone:  01 795 8280


Clinic location

The Women’s Health Service Clinic and Outreach times:

  • Open Tuesday 2:00 - 4:00pm by appointment only
  • Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00pm
  • Thursday 6:00- 8:00pm