National Healthcare Charter - You and Your Health Service

What is it?

The National Healthcare Charter You and Your Health Service. is a Statement of Commitment by the HSE describing:

  • what you can expect when using health services in Ireland, and
  • what you can do to help Irish health services to deliver more effective and safe services.

The charter is the work of a diverse and dedicated group of people with a common goal – aiming to inform and empower people to actively look after their own health and to influence the quality of healthcare in Ireland.

It is based on eight principles:  access, dignity and respect, safe and effective services, communication and information, participation, privacy, improving health and accountability.  These principles have been identified through a review of national and international patient charters and through wide consultation with the Irish public.

To find out about how you can become involved in improving the quality of healthcare in Ireland see pg 16 for further details.

If you have questions about your care, please ask your healthcare team.  The leaflet “It’s Safer to Ask” includes some tips to follow when attending any health or social care service.  Its Safer to Ask.pdf (size 405.8 KB)