Dental, Eligibility Criteria

Please note that any reference to Age contained in eligibility criteria declared prior to 26th December 2018 has been superseded by the provisions of the Public Service Superannuation (Age of Retirement Act) 2018.  Information in relation to age requirements can now be found in the wider Job Specification for advertised roles.


Consultant Orthodontist (Grade Code 1775)

Clinical Dental Surgeon (Grade Code 1988)

Dental Surgeon, General (Grade Code 1597)

Dental Surgeon, Senior (Grade Code 1589)

Dental Surgeon- Senior Administrative (Grade Code 1619)

Dental Surgeon Principal (Grade Code 197X)

Dentistry - Vocational Trainee in Dentistry (Grade Code 104X)

Specialist in Orthodontics (Grade Code 1465)