Garda Clearance

The HSE will carry out Garda Clearance on all new employees.  New employees will not take up duty until the Garda Clearance process has been completed and the HSE is satisfied that such an appointment does not pose a risk to clients, service users and employees.

All applicants will sign a detailed Standard Declaration which forms an integral part of their application form.  Candidates who apply using the on-line application form and application forms submitted by e-mail will be required to sign the Standard Declaration in person when they attend for interview.

Candidates being considered for appointments are obliged to complete the official Garda Vetting Form where there must disclose any and all conviction received.  This disclosure must include such offences as driving offences, non payment of a TV licence and public order offences, and includes the application of probation or community service.

The HSE will refer to the Garda Siochana individuals who wilfully submit, by omission or otherwise, false, misleading or inaccurate information in connection with their application for posts with the HSE or on the Garda Vetting Form as provided for under the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004.

Applicants who have resided overseas for a period of 6 months or more:

PLEASE NOTE: the Garda clearance form which you complete and return on the day of interview only covers addresses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If you have resided in countries outside of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for a period of 6 months or more, it will be mandatory for you to furnish the Recruitment Office with a Police Clearance Certificate from those countries stating that you have no convictions recorded against you while residing there.  You will need to provide a separate Police Clearance Certificate for each country you have resided in.   Clearance must be dated after the date you left the country/countries. Seeking security clearances from other countries (e.g. UK, USA etc) are the responsibility of the candidate. It is a process which can take an amount of time.  Therefore if you are interested in pursing a career within the HSE we would strongly advise that you commence seeking international security clearances now. If you require overseas security clearance and are unable to produce it at the time of job offer then the job offer may be withdrawn.

Note: Candidates who studied outside of Ireland e.g. in the UK, please pay particular attention to this.  You will require UK disclosure to cover the entire period you were in the UK.  Clearance must be dated after you left the UK. 

The following websites may be of assistance to you in this regard:

United Kingdom


Metropolitan Police Service - Your right to information This website will provide you with a link to each police force site in the UK. Click on the relevant force covering the area where you resided. A search under Data Protection or Data Access Request or Subject Access Request will bring you to the relevant section of that Police Forces website. (This website will provide you with a list of registered agencies to contact in the UK who may process your request for UK clearance with the Criminal Records Bureau).

 Australia This website will provide you with information on obtaining a national police clearance certificate for Australia

New Zealand This website will provide you with information on obtaining police clearance in New Zealand.

United States of America

Please note that valid Security/Overseas Clearance from the USA must be obtained from the FBIonly,

 FBI Clearance is valid for all of the United States and convictions / remarks occurring anywhere in the United States would be noted.  Individual US State Clearance (e.g., New York State Clearance) is not acceptable as it is valid for that State alone and convictions / remarks occurring in other States may or may not be noted.

 Other Countries

For other countries not listed above you may find it helpful to contact the relevant embassies who could provide you with information on seeking Police Clearance. 

Candidates please do not send us your overseas clearance or any other documentation unless we request it from you.  Candidates who receive job offers will have 5 working days in which to produce the required documentation; otherwise the job offer will be withdrawn.

When requested, a copy of your Clearance will be retained on file and the original returned to you by post. 

Note: Any costs incurred in this process will be borne by the candidate