Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management Development is provided by the HR Capability and Culture - Leadership, Learning and Talent Management (LLTM) department.  LLTM is grounded in an ethos of valuing the collective capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences and motivation of our workforce.  

A primary objective of LLTM is to develop the capabilities of our workforce by designing, developing and delivering appropriate learning and development interventions.

LLTM provide a range of development opportunities for managers and staff including:

  • Clerical Administration Development Programme
  • People Management the Legal Framework
  • The First Time Managers Programme
  • Leaders in Management
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Managing Remote Teams

More information on our programmes is available in our prospectus below. 

HSeLanD (www.hseland.ie) is the Health Services Electronic Learning and Development online learning portal, available to all HSE staff and staff in funded health care organisations (Section 38 and 39). It is built on a fully integrated Learning and Talent Management System to facilitate the efficient administration of quality learning development opportunities across multiple disciplines.

It has become the default learning platform for health and social care professionals throughout the entire health service. Our core mission is to provide an environment that facilitates teaching through the provision of online learning resources, live events or a combination of each.

HSeLanD aligns its activities with all key National Health Strategies, set out within the National HR Strategy to improve and reform service provision. HSeLanD plays a crucial role in disseminating learning metrics to the organisation aimed at aligning Learning and Development with strategic and operational imperatives of the Irish Health Service. 

Contact details

Email: traininganddevelopment@hse.ie
Telephone: 01 8817 038 / 01 881 7085

For HSeLanD technical or user assistance please contact the Support Desk on 048 90640445 or by email: support@hseland.ie