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Medical Workforce Analysis Report 2023-2024 Launched

NDTP are delighted to announce the launch of our Annual Medical Workforce Analysis Report for 2023-2024. This report gives an overview of the publicly funded medical workforce in Ireland for 2023 as well as highlighting changes in the workforce over recent years. 

Some of the main findings are:

  • 12% increase in the overall number of Consultants employed
  • 16% growth in the number of Consultants employed in Model 3 Hospitals
  • 4% growth in the number of doctors in training i.e. those doctors undertaking Basic Specialist Training (BST), Higher Specialist Training (HST)
  • 21% increase in the number of doctors in non-training posts between December 2022 and December 2023

Check out Download the Medical Workforce Analysis Report (PDF)

CPD-SS intake is now open for 2024-2025 applications.

Apply now via your Post Graduate Training Body! Deadline to submit your application 30th September 2024. 

Further information is available in the CPD-SS-Guidance-Document


Happy National Doctors Day 2024!

Happy National Doctors Day from National Doctors Training and Planning! On the 30th of March, we show recognition and appreciation for the valuable role doctors play in our healthcare!

Below is a message from Prof. Brian Kinirons, NDTP Medical Director and Dr Seán Casey & Dr Daniel Creegan, NDTP National Lead NCHDs for National Doctors Day:

“Doctors, We celebrate National Doctors Day this year on 30th March. We recognise, celebrate and take the time to appreciate the valuable role doctors play in healthcare. Thank you for all that you do to keep patients and our community healthy. NDTP is committed to supporting the training, professional development, and working experience of doctors in the Irish healthcare system.”

At this link you will find a leaflet which celebrates you, our doctors, and shares important information for doctors about financial and educational supports, consultant roles, research and pilot schemes that are underway, as well as some dates to add to your diary.

Annual Medical Retention Report 2023 Launched


NDTP are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural Annual Medical Retention Report. This report, an update and extension of a previous article published by NDTP in early 2023, will be published on an annual basis going forward. While there have been concerns about the retention of Irish trained doctors from many years, there has been a paucity of data to accurately describe the complex flows of doctors moving in and out of Ireland as they progress through the various stages of training and on to Consultant posts. This report aims to quantify these flows and presents a range of strategies to improve retention rates.

Download the Annual Medical Retention Report 2023

Anaesthesiology Medical Workforce in Ireland 2023-2038

Increases in both training and consultant Anaesthesiology numbers projected to 2038 are presented in the findings of a report from NDTP and the NCPA.

Launch of Model 3 Hospital Report

The Model 3 hospital project was established by National Doctors Training & Planning (NDTP), in association with Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), to investigate challenges in the recruitment and retention of consultants across all specialties in Model 3 hospitals and to make recommendations to address the issues identified.

NDTP is pleased to now publish the Model 3 hospitals report which Health Minister Stephen Donnelly TD is officially launching at NDTP’s medical workforce conference on 9th November 2023.

Quotes from the report include:

“If we do not undertake measures to improve the recruitment of consultants for Model 3 hospitals, it will undoubtedly impact negatively on our ability to deliver safe and effective patient care in the medium term. I am therefore pleased to see that the report makes several key recommendations to mitigate these impending challenges. “

Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer, Health Service Executive (HSE)

“Evidence of this is clear in the fact that the Model 3 network has more non-permanent posts and more consultants with general registration than the Model 4 network...On our site visits around the Model 3 network, I have been impressed with the ambition shown at multiple sites to deliver a high-quality service. Those whose task it is to recruit and provide this service know, more than most, the challenges that await. “

Prof Brian Kinirons, Medical Director, National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP)

“It is now incumbent on us all to work towards implementation in the short - and medium - term.”

Mr. Paddy Kenny, Council Member, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)”

View the Model 3 Hospital Report (PDF)

NDTP National Medical Workforce Conference - November 9th

The second annual NDTP National Medical Workforce Conference took place on November 9th, 2023 at the Clayton Hotel, Cardiff Lane, Dublin. .

The theme of the conference was ‘Impact of HSE Health Regions’ with an exciting agenda of speakers from the HSE, DOH, Postgraduate Training Bodies and Clinical Sites.

Our speakers included:

  • Stephen Donnelly TD, Minister for Health
  • Bernard Gloster, CEO, HSE
  • Dr. Colm Henry, CCO, HSE
  • Prof. Mary Day, HSE National Director for Acute Operations
  • Dr Siobhán Ní Bhriain, National Clinical Director for Integrated Care
  • Liam Woods, National Director, HSE
  • Presidents from the postgraduate training bodies

The Master of Ceremonies for this year’s conference will be Ingrid Miley BL, former RTÉ correspondent. 

Work as a Doctor in Ireland - NCHD Guide

Whether you are a doctor coming to work in Ireland for the first time or you are a doctor that is currently working or training in the Irish Health Service, this guide will have loads of useful information for doctors at all stages of their career.

The ‘Working as a Doctor in Ireland – NCHD Guide’ was created by NDTP in collaboration with Medical Manpower Manager representation, NCHD representation, and Employee Relations. The guide is divided into a number of chapters for ease of navigation:

1.     Introduction
2.     Understanding the Irish Health Service
3.     Coming to Work in Ireland
4.     Before you Start work in Ireland
5.     Employment Legislation & Mandatory Training
6.     Funding Supports
7.     Fellowships & Scholarships
8.     Health & Wellness
9.     Other Opportunities
10.   Useful Links & Resources

Please see the guide below and make sure to share it with your colleagues.

Working in Ireland as a Doctor- NCHD Guide

NDTP Medical Workforce Report 2022-23

The NDTP Medical Workforce Report is now available. Please see the file below.

NDTP Medical Workforce Report 2023

Navigate: Your Guide to Consultant Recruitment -  Webinar Recording 30th March 2023

On the 30th March, the Navigate webinar was held for senior non-consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) in Ireland who plan to apply for jobs as consultants in public health service over the coming years. The event was well-attended and provided valuable information to attendees. The line-up of speakers included Prof. Brian Kinirons, medical director of NDTP, representatives from HSE coaching service, Dr Aedin Ryan, paediatrician with expertise in cardiology, University Hospital Galway, Ronan Foley from HSE Business Services, and Sinead Coleman and Louise McEntee from the Public Appointments Service.

Prof. Brian Kinirons gave an overview of aspire fellowships and the projected numbers of consultant jobs that will become available in the coming years - an important consideration for NCHDs planning their future career paths.

Aspire fellowships are a valuable opportunity for NCHDs to gain essential skills and experience in Ireland as post-CST fellows, to help prepare them clinically for their role as a consultant in the public health service.

Representatives from HSE coaching service discussed their role in supporting new consultants and how they provide a range of support services to help new consultants succeed. Their coaching services are particularly helpful for those who are transitioning from the role of NCHD to consultant.

Dr Aedin Ryan shared her experience as a new consultant in the health service in Ireland, providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that new consultants face in their roles. Attendees found her presentation engaging and informative.

Ronan Foley's presentation provided information about the process and timeline from HSE Business Services, which was highly informative for NCHDs who plan to apply for consultant jobs. Sinead Coleman and Louise McEntee from the Public Appointments Service gave information on the application and shortlisting process, providing helpful tips for NCHDs.

Overall, Navigate was an informative event that provided valuable insights into the skills, experience, and support that NCHDs need to become successful consultants. The feedback from attendees was very positive, and the event organizers hope to host similar events in the future.

A recording of the webinar is available at the following link with the password below: Navigate: Your Guide to Consultant Recruitment.

Password: sSJwPmr2

New TSS policy effective from Jan 9th 2023

Under the agreement reached between the IMO, HSE and Department of Health the following additional items are now encompassed within TSS funding with effect from 09th January 2023:

  • Increase to the annual TSS allowance running July-July of €500 – to be applied pro rata for the remainder of the 2022/23 Training Year

NOTE: For the current training year 2022/23 this means each NCHD will have an additional €250 applied to their TSS balance for the period January to July 2023. For those on reduced hours, this will be applied pro rata.

  • Annual Registration fee for Professional Memberships
  • Online Subscriptions to relevant medical publications as deemed appropriate, provided such publications are not available to NCHDs via other sources such as local, university or HSE Library
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer Software that has a CME/CPD Component e.g. Statistical Software such as SPSS or alternative
  • Laptop/Tablet – A contribution within your TSS allowance (i.e. there is no additional funding) of up to €1000 towards the purchase of a laptop OR tablet. This will be available once every 4 years from the date of purchase (as per receipt) from the earliest date of 09th January 2023.

Find more details on the updated TSS including the new policy

National Doctors Training & Planning Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The National Doctors Training & Planning Strategic Plan 2022 – 2027 was launched on the 11th November 2022 by the Professor Brian Kinirons, Medical Director NDTP. 

The strategy is guided by a vision and mission that reflects the role of NDTP in an evolving health service. The six strategic objectives set out in the plan and their associated outcomes, will, when achieved, result in significant benefit to patients and service users. To view the strategic plan, please view at NDTP Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The National Employment Record (NER) App is Now Available! 

The National Employment Record (NER) App is now available for all NCHDs to download on the App and Google Play Stores. 

National Employment Record (NER) App - App Store (IOS / Apple Device)

National Employment Record (NER) App - Google Play Store (Android Device)

NOTE: There is no requirement to set up a new NER Account when accessing the App. Your same login credentials for the NER web based portal will apply.   

The NER App is an extension of the current NER web based portal which enables NCHDs to interact virtually with Medical HR and Occupational Health Departments nationally in order to complete and upload pre-employment screening documentation prior to commencing a new post. NCHDs can also apply for funding under both the Training Supports Scheme and the Clinical Course Exam and Refund Scheme via the NER APP.

More recently, all NCHDs now have access to an E-Portfolio module through their NER account. The E-Portfolio module gives NCHDs the opportunity to record their training and career development and have their experience validated by their Supervising Clinician/ Consultant where applicable. This functionality is also readily available on the NER App.

For assistance with navigating the NER App the DIME Team have created NER App User Guides as well as an NER APP FAQ document, please select the appropriate links below to access same. 

NER App User Guide for Android Device

NER App User Guide for Apple Device

NER APP FAQ Document

NCHD E-Portfolio

In line with NDTP’s commitment to support NCHDs we are pleased to announce a new E-Portfolio module on your NER portal.  

E-Portfolio Image tweet 16th Sept 21

We have also created a short video below on the E-Portfolio Module as well as User Guides for both Consultants and NHCDs on our website. 

User Guides and Tutorial Videos

If you have any specific queries there is a dedicated team available Monday to Friday.  They can be contacted at

Watch our Youtube video on the E-Portfolio Module