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National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) incorporates Medical Education and Training, Consultant Appointments and Medical Workforce Planning and was established in September 2014.

Current News

NDTP Aspire Post CSCST Fellowship Awards Launched

The new NDTP Aspire Fellowship awards aim to stimulate the design and introduction of a number of high quality, relevant and valuable post CSCST fellowships as well as demonstrate the high quality specialist training now available in Ireland. The MacCraith Report (2013) recommends the continued development of post-CSCST fellowship capacity in Ireland in order to retain specialist medical expertise in the public health system in advance of appointment to Consultant posts. The fellowships will assist in addressing the need to provide specific post CSCST training opportunities needed for a range of roles and skill sets at consultant level in the Acute Hospital system at present and into the future.

The initiative will provide funding for 6 Post CSCST fellowships and the 6 Aspire Fellows will receive:

  •         SpR Salary (€76,833) and headcount for the duration of the fellowship
  •         Eligibility to access the Higher Specialist Training Fund during the fellowship
  •         Formal recognition of achievement following completion of the fellowship from the relevant Irish Post Graduate Medical              Education Body/Bodies
  •         A high quality fellowship experience in Ireland that will improve competitiveness for positions within Ireland.

 The deadline for submitting applications is 5th February. Further information on the applications process and conditions of the award can be found here.

IMGTI Wins an Irish Healthcare Award 2017

NDTP is pleased to announce that IMGTI has won an Irish Healthcare Award in the category of Best Sustainable Healthcare Project 2017. The initiative operates under the joint governance of the HSE and the Irish Postgraduate Training Bodies, in partnership with key overseas stakeholders. The aim of IMGTI is to improve healthcare worldwide by facilitating access to a structured period of training and experience as developed by an Irish postgraduate medical training body to specifically meet the clinical needs of participants as defined by their home country’s health service.  Stakeholders both inside and outside of Ireland have succeeded in placing IMGTI on a sustainable footing by providing a mix of scholarship and fully sponsored two-year training programmes. This enhances Ireland’s reputation globally as a provider of world class medical training.

                                                                               Irish Healthcare Awards Winner 2017

IMGTI is underpinned by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Code of Practice on the Recruitment of International Health Personnel. The Global Code encourages developed countries, like Ireland, to attain self-sufficiency in its domestic health workforce in order to reduce its reliance on foreign trained health personnel from developing countries, where their absence marks a significant loss to their health systems. The Irish IMGTI Programme had previously received international acclaim as an example of best practice in implementation of the WHO Global Code. NDTP is delighted the programme has now received this important national Irish Healthcare Award which is a testament to the hard work put into the programme from all the national and international partners. We look forward to the continued success of the programme into the future.

Lead NCHD News Letter

We have produced the first NCHD Newsletter –NCHD News. The newsletter contains information we hope is relevant to all NCHDs along with new developments including the launch of scholarship fund for NCHDs pursuing postgraduate studies in leadership or management. We have captured some of the projects that Lead NCHDs are actively involved in. As the current Lead NCHDs we welcome our colleagues involvement in committees and projects – so please do get in touch with us.

We welcome  all feedback or future content, so please get in touch - Louise, our current National Lead NCHD /NDTP fellow can be contacted at louise.hendrick@hse.ie.



NDTP are pleased to announce the National Employment Record (NER) was the winner in the 'Best use of IT' category at the November 2016 Irish Healthcare Awards. The award recognises this innovative system which benefits both NCHDs and employers. NDTP would like to thank all those NCHDs who have opened NER Portal Accounts and Medical HR Departments Nationally for working with us to ensure the success of NER.

At the February 2017 CIPD Awards the National HR Division of HSE received a Special Recognition Award.  Special mention was given to the development of the National Employee Record and the work of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion and the HR People Strategy. For further information please visit http://www.cipd.ie/awards

Healthcare Awards 2016 CIPD Feb17 2


In 2007, the Medical Education and Training Unit (MET) was established in response to the role for the HSE outlined in the Health Act 2004 and, in particular, the Medical Practitioners Act 2007.

In 2013, MET established a Medical Workforce Planning Unit to undertake a review of current medical staffing in Ireland, projected requirements in future years and to compare Ireland with other countries.

In 2014 the Consultants Appointment Unit was incorporated and is now known as the Consultants Division of NDTP.  This provides NDTP with a strategic overview of medical training from Internship through to appointment as a consultant. 

For information on planning a medical career in Ireland please visit  www.medicalcareers.ie

Please click  September 2016 Video Link from Careers Day for more information on the annual Careers Fair held in conjunction with the Medical Council and the Forum of Post-graduate Training Bodies. 

Please view our Diary Dates section for upcoming events.