HSE HR Circulars 2008

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HSE HR Circular 01/2008 re HSE Employment Control Framework - Filling of vacancies & New Service Development posts from the start of 2008

HSE HR Circular 02/2008 re Travel Allowance/Psychiatric Nurses - Castlerea Formula.pdf (size 159 KB)

HSE HR Circular 03/2008 re Transportation of student nurses by Community Mental Health Nurses.pdf (size 325.8 KB)

HSE HR Circular 04/2008 re Personal Injury insurance cover for nurses employed in Mental Health services from 00.01hrs on 22nd January 2008.pdf (size 290.6 KB)

HSE HR Circular 04(A) 2008 re Insurance Based Scheme for nurses employed in Mental Health Services.pdf (size 59.3 KB)

HSE HR Circular 05/2008 (AMENDED) re SKILL Project - staff development

HSE HR Circular 05/2008 re SKILL Project-staff development

HSE HR Circular 06/2008 - This circular has been superseded by HR Circular 06B/2008

HSE HR Circular 06B/2008 re Student Medical Scientist and Student Environmental Health Officers

HSE HR Circular 07/2008 re Senior Dental Hygienists.pdf (size 686.4 KB)

HSE HR Circular 08/2008 re Monthly Return of Percentage Absence Rates - Health Services.pdf (size 4.4 MB)

HSE HR Circular 09/2008 re Payment of 2.5% Towards 2016 increase with effect from 01.03.08.pdf (size 639.8 KB)

HSE HR Circular 10/2008 re Home Help Service review - Home Help Co-ordinator.pdf (size 1 MB)

HSE HR Circular 11/2008 re starting pay for nurses sponsored to undergo nursing degree programmeoo.pdf (size 241 KB)

HSE HR Circular 12/2008 re Sponsorship for Nurses wishing to undertake the Graduate Certificate Professional Practice: Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing Programme (LSBU).pdf (size 509.6 KB)

HSE HR Circular 13/2008 re Revised job description and grading for the post of Preschool Officer

HSE HR Circular 14/2008 - Director of Public Health Nursing, Labour Court Determination EDA 0720

HSE HR Circular 15/2008 - Recruitment Reporting Requirements

HSE HR Circular 16/2008 - 2008 Employment Control Framework - Allocation of approved emplovment ceilings

HSE HR Circular 17/2008 - Deployment with the Rapid response Corps (RRC)

HSE HR Circular 18/2008 - Advanced Nurse Practitioner's salary LRC 19230

HSE HR Circular 19/2008 - Re implementation of report on prevention of transmisson of Blood Borne Diseases (part 1)

HSE HR Circular 19/2008 - Re implementation of report on prevention of transmission of Blood Borne Diseases (part 2)

HSE HR Circular 20/2008 re Value for Money Programme - travel and subsistence

HSE HR Circular 21/2008 re Review of Branch E Qualification for Executive Analytical Chemists

HSE HR Circular 22/2008 re New Job Evaluation Scheme

HSE HR Circular 22/2008 (Part 2) Job Evaluation Application Form.

HSE HR Circular 23/2008 re Payment of 2.5% Towards 2016 Increase....

HSE HR Circular 024-2008 re PT-Sess. Pharmacists

HSE HR Circular 025-2008 re Pregnancy related Sick Leave

HSE HR Circular 26/2008 re 4 Craft Workers Payment under T2016

HSE HR Circular 27/2008 Re: Occupational Guidance Officers

HSE HR Circular 28/2008 Re:Arrangements for Undergraduate Nursing/Midwifery Students Undertaking the Continuous Thirty Six Week Internship

HSE HR Circular 29/2008 re Insurance Based Mechanism to address Significant Trauma

HSE HR Circular 30/2008 re Retrospective payment of pay increases to members of the TEEU in HSE –South

HSE HR Circular 31/2008 Re: Out-of-Hours-Nurse Managers in Acute Hospitals

Other related documents

HSE EA letter 17/11/2008 re Revised Eligibility Criteria for Application to Grade of Senior Staff Nurse