Steps to Health Challenge 2021

Steps to Health Challenge 2021 will now run from 13th September to 17th October

The HSE Steps Challenge for 2021 will now take place from September 13th until October 17th.  As we have sent out resources for teams who previously registered earlier this year in May we can only accommodate new teams if they do not need pedometers and can use their own devices.  If you are a new team and have your own device please email to request to participate. 

With the ongoing public health restrictions due to COVID-19 we will try our best to make the challenge fun and beneficial to all who participate. While some of our staff are never off their feet, many may be finding it difficult to reach their usual levels of physical activity, particularly those working from home. The Steps to Health Challenge runs for five weeks, supporting staff to move more and count your steps daily so that you can record your improvements over time.  Due to COVID-19 we all have to be mindful of social distancing. So we will continue with teams of between 2 and 10 participants, including your team co-ordinator. We encourage participants to do the challenge this year as as part of a virtual team if you will be working from home during the challenge and suggest you walk and be active with just one colleague at a time if you are in a workplace.

The Challenge is a workplace initiative open to HSE, Tusla, Department of Health, Safefood and others working in related health service organisations. 
Follow us during the challenge on Twitter @hsesteps using #HSEstepschallenge.

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 What is the Steps to Health Challenge?

The steps challenge is a five week walking challenge that supports staff to walk more. The aim is to get you walking and counting your steps daily.

Steps can be accumulated in many ways. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk during your break and after work. 

Most of us walk between 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day. We challenge you to make up the extra steps so that you reach the goal of 10,000, which is the recommended number of steps for health benefits.

It might take longer for those who are inactive at present. You can break up the steps into ten minute walks at a time and still get the health benefits. 

Steps to Health is for everyone, regardless of your fitness or ability levels. Aim to increase your step count on a daily basis. Remember, every step counts!

Challenge Resources

Challenge resources can be downloaded below.