HSE Capital & Estates

Capital Projects

Our Estates team support major strategic service initiatives by delivering key projects and programmes of work.  Some of our current projects include

·                      National Paediatric Hospital

·                      Central Mental Hospital

·                      National Programme for Radiation Oncology

·                      Primary Care Strategy

·                      Mental Health Development Programme (supporting A Vision for Change)

·                      Reconfiguration of Acute Hospital Services

·                      Special Care and High Support Services for Children

The Capital Projects team provide expert advice to our customer in relation to the governance, design, planning, procurement, construction, equipping, commissioning and maintenance of healthcare facilities.   Our team can ensure that your capital programme is managed and procured in line with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform’s “Public Spending Code”.

In addition we can also assist you in developing strategies for alternative methods of funding e.g. Public Private Partnership and help you address existing infrastructural deficits with regard to clinical, HIQA and building standards.

Property Management

Our team in Estates provide a range of property management services to the 2,594 properties in the healthcare estate.  This involves agreeing and managing the capital plan for all property.  A property database for all HSE property has been developed allowing the team to track capital projects.  The team also have vast knowledge and experience in property transactions; they can assist you in ensuring that the property value of your organisation is maximised and in line with service needs.

Our team will ensure that your organisations compliance with clinical, infection control, accessibility and safety standards are cost efficient.  Our team are constantly developing and managing the sale of surplus assets and ensuring that all property transactions are carried out in line with the Property Protocol.

Fire Safety

Our team will ensure you are compliant with all relevant fire safety regulations providing advice and information based on your needs.  They have experience in setting up frameworks for design and commissioning of Alarm & Emergency Lighting.  We can assist our customers with the specification for fire alarm, maintenance of fire safety equipment, risk assessment and where applicable upgrading of systems.

Health & Safety (Infrastructural Risk)

Our Estates team will check that your buildings portfolio is compliant with best practice, design standards and regulatory guidelines, (Including Accessibility, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, HIQA, Infection Control, Local Authority and Planning requirements).  We can provide appropriate training in relation to these matters to your staff.

In addition our team have collaborated with the Health Protection and Surveillance Centre (HPSC)  to produce National Guidelines for the Prevention of Nosocomial Aspergillosis and  HPSC Guidelines on Prevention and Control of Infection Risks from Water Systems in Healthcare Facilities, standards for Air Handling Units, Arc Flash Analysis and grading studies on Hospital MV Systems which we share with our customer base.

We also prepare guidance notes on the importance of the build environment within Healthcare with regard to HCAI control and we summarise HIQA Requirements and SI associated with same.


Environmental Services

Our team in Environmental Services provide our customers with a safe working environment for their staff.  We can aid with reducing your costs by reducing waste handling and disposal volumes without compromising care standards.  Our team will ensure compliance with Environmental, Safety and Welfare legislation and Policies.  The team will assist you in monitoring performance and reviewing your Waste Management practises annually.  We will advise on waste minimisation, use of returnable packaging, re-usable products and recycling equipment within purchasing guidelines.

Maintenance and Technical Support

The Facilities Team work in partnership with our customer base across the health sector.  We are continually striving to establish best practice in facilities management.  Our services can assist you in sourcing appropriate contracts across a range of services from parking, security, cleaning, catering and laundry to plant and building maintenance.  We ensure that the buildings we manage are a safe and comfortable environment for your staff to work.  We also source bespoke facility solutions to meet the needs of the customer using providers under existing frameworks ensuring that should you choose us your organisation will benefit from economies of scale. 

National Estates Information System (NEIS)

The National Estates Information System (NEIS) will implement digital change transforming HSE Capital & Estates business. This will enable Better Data, Better Decisions and Better Outcomes: Supporting the Slaintecare Vision. Click here to learn more about this programme.

Estates Contact Us 

Estates Senior Management Team

Head of Estates

Jim Curran

Sir Patrick Duns, Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

T:  057 9359964       

E:  caroline.oxley1@hse.ie


Assistant National Director Capital and Property

John Browner

Sir Patrick Duns, Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424710       

E:   john.browner@hse.ie


Assistant National Director HSE Estates (Dublin Mid-Leinster)

Paul Flood

Estates Dept., Bridge House, Cherry Orcahrd Hospital, Dublin 10

T:  076 6955523

E: paul.flood@hse.ie 


Assistant National Director HSE Estates (Dublin North East)

Peter Smyth

Estates Dept., Bective St., Kells, Co. Meath.

T:  046 9251200    

E:  peter.smyth@hse.ie


Assistant National Director HSE Estates (West)

Joe Hoare

Estates Dept., Main Building, Merlin Park Regional Hospital, Galway

T:  091  775710      

E:  joe.hoare@hse.ie


Assistant National Director HSE Estates (South) 

Pat McCarthy

Estates Department, HSE South, 1st Floor, Block 2, St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork.

T:  021 4927212    

E:  pato.mccarthy@hse.ie


Chief Architectural Adviser

Paul de Freine

Sir Patrick Duns, Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

T: 01 6424713       

E: paul.defreine@hse.ie


Deputy Chief Architectural Adviser

Eleanor Masterson

Sir Patrick Duns, Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424707       

E:  eleanor.masterson@hse.ie


Principal Quantity Surveying Adviser

Peter Finnegan

Sir Patrick Duns, Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424708       

E:  peter.finnegan2@hse.ie


National Lead - National Health Sustainability Office 

Jim Murphy 

National Health Sustainability Office, Bridge House, Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

T:  076 695 5537

E:  jim.murphy@hse.ie


Estates ICT Project - Project Manager 

Bernard Pierce

Estates Dept., Central Office, Arden Road, Tullamore, Co Offaly

T:  057 9359940

E: bernard.pierce@hse.ie

Corporate Estate Managers

EM - Environmental Services

Helen Maher

Estates Department, 1st Floor, Block 2,St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork.

T:  021 4927210     

E:  helen.maher2@hse.ie


EM - Fire Safety

Aidan O'Connor

National Directorate of Estates, Sir Patrick Duns, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2.

T:  01 6424750

E:  aidan.oconnor2@hse.ie


EM - Quality & Standards 

Brendan Redington

Estates Dept., Merlin Park University Hospital, Galway 

T:  091 775787

E: brendan.redington@hse.ie


Health, Safety & Infrastructural Risk 

Deirdre Groarke

Block B, Merlin Park University Hospital, Galway


E:  deirdre.groarke@hse.ie


Quantity Surveying Adviser

Breid Hancock

Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424717       

E:  breid.hancock@hse.ie


Quantity Surveying Adviser

Tom McConnell 

Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424718

E:  tom.mcconnell@hse.ie


Engineering Advisor 

Damien Clarke 

Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424749

E:  damien.clarke1@hse.ie


Architectural Advisor 

Derek Dockrell 

Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424709

E:  derek.dockrell@hse.ie


Project Director 

Elaine Maye

HSE Estates, 75 Benburb Street, Dublin 7

T:  01 6774394

E:  elaine.maye1@hse.ie


EM - Corporate Property

Tony Kelly

Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2

T:  01 6424721       

E:  tony.kelly@hse.ie


EM - Capital 

Mike Bermingham 

Sir Patrick Duns, Lower Grand Canal St., Dublin 2

T:  01 6424711

E:  mike.bermingham@hse.ie


Regional Estate Managers - Dublin North East

EM - Contracted Services

John Browne 


E:  john.browne2@hse.ie


EM - Dublin North 

Brian O'Connell 

Estates Dept., Unit 7 Swords Business Campus, Balheary Road, Swords, Co Dublin

T:  018131860

E:  brian.oconnell@hse.ie


A/EM - North East 

Selina Kavanagh 

Estates Dept., Bective Street, Kells, Co Meath

T:  046 9280410

E:  selina.kavanagh@hse.ie


EM - Tusla 

Paul Hayden 

Estates Department, Tusla, Floors 2-5, Brunel Building, Hueston South Quarter, Dublin 8

T:  01 7718649

E:  paul.hayden@hse.ie

Regional Estate Managers - Dublin Mid Leinster

HSE Estates Dublin Mid-Leinster

Bridge House, Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

T:  076 6955528

E:  dorota.nieznanska@hse.ie


EM - Dublin Mid Leinster Acutes

Gillian Hegarty 

Bridge House, Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10


E:  gillian.hegarty@hse.ie


A/EM - Midlands 

Niall Colleary

Estates Dept., Central Office, Arden Road, Tullamore, Co Offaly

T:  057 9359965

E:  niall.colleary@hse.ie

Regional Estates Managers - West

EM - West

Grainne Cahill

Estates Dept., Gate Lodge, Merlin Park University Hospital, Galway

T:  091 775435

E:  grainne.cahill@hse.ie


EM - North West

Shane Campbell 

Estates Department, HSE North West, Old Convent Building, St Johns Campus, Sligo

T:  071 9138032

E:  shane.campbell1@hse.ie


EM - Mid West

Clodagh Hanratty

Estates Dept., Holland Road, National Technology Park, Limerick

T:  061 483219

E:  clodagh.hanratty@hse.ie

Regional Estate Managers - South


EM - South East 

Ed Fennell 

Estates Dept., Lacken, Dublin Road, Kilkenny

T:  056 778 4128

E:  ed.fennell@hse.ie


EM - South 

Alan O'Connell 

Estates Dept., First Floor, Block 2, St. Finbars Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork

T:  021 4927212

E:  alan.oconnell@hse.ie


EM - Mercy Hospital 

Mark Kane 

Mercy Hospital, Cork 


E:  mkane@muh.ie