Suppliers and Vendors

The IFMS Project is a project within the HSE’s Finance Reform Programme, to introduce a single national integrated finance management and procurement system throughout the Health Services. This project will provide the HSE with standardised finance and procurement processes and a new operating model based on shared services.

IFMS will be rolled out on a phased implementation basis to all publicly funded health organisations, commencing with the first implementation group in the East, in July 2023. Current suppliers within this group can expect changes to the way you interact with the HSE.

What does this mean for you as a current supplier?

While there is no action required of you at this time, these are the changes you can expect with this new system:

  • There will be greater use of electronic documentation e.g. electronic invoicing, electronic purchase orders, etc.
  • Applicable service providers will be set up on digital catalogues to enable self-service procurement by HSE staff.
  • The HSE will move to a centralised management of invoices, meaning a streamlined Accounts Payable process for service providers.

What support will be provided to you?

The implementation of IFMS will bring about some fundamental changes to existing processes. Support will be provided to suppliers over the coming month to guide them through this change. Dedicated helpdesks will be available as well as detailed FAQs and user guides.

Updated 10th March 2023