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Subject: Changes to My HSE Self Service - NiSRP

Minor Changes to My HSE Self Service 29/09/2021

With effect from 2nd October 2021, staff in HSE East & South East will see some minor changes on the My HSE Self Service- NiSRP Application

Following an upgrade to the My HSE Self Service-NiSRP Application, Users will see some minor changes to the following:

  •  The User profile icon image001_ is on the top right of the screen instead of left
  •  When a User is in a Tile or Application, there is no Home icon image003_.  The User can either use the arrow back icon image005_ or click on the relevant Tile  and the Home option will appear
  •  When a User creates an attachment on a Leave Request (remember only available for Sick Leave and COVID related Leave) a Pending Status bar appears – The document does not start uploading until the Save icon is selected

Access the NiSRP support site. Please contact the My HSE Self Service Helpdesk - NiSRP on 0818300296 if you have any questions or require additional support.

NiSRP Self Service users in HSE East

The NiSRP Self Service helpdesk is open.  Due to Covid19 work arrangements, we ask you to email your query to You will receive a response within two working days. If your request is urgent, please include a telephone number on your email and request a call back.

Leave Carry Forward Image

Annual Leave Carry Over is now available on NiSRP Self Service

NiSRP Self Service is currently only available in HSE East and staff paid via East Payroll only.

Staff who currently use Self Service to book annual leave can use the Carry Forward Leave tile to bring your leave from 2019/2020 leave year.

To calculate the total hours to be carried over follow instructions below.

Applying for Annual Leave Carry Over:

  1. Log on to NiSRP Self Service
  2. Click on Leave Carry Forward tile;
  3. Select a reason from drop down menu and add an explanation for your line manager in the comment field;
  4. Enter the total number of hours you want to carry over;
  5. Leave the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates as they are: From 01.04.2020 to 30.09.2020. This is the period in which you can take the annual leave carried over.
  6. Click Submit.
     - Request will be sent to line manager for approval/ rejection
     - Manager will approve or give a reason if rejected
     - If the line manager has rejected, a new/ revised request can be submitted.
     - Step-by-step guide with images

My Payslip ImageChange to “View Previous Payslips” in My Payslip

There is a change to the "View Previous Payslips" link in "My Payslips" on NiSRP Self Service.

This will now link to Online Payslips where you can find the "East" login link to view previous payslips





HSE Reports ImageReporting Functions available 

NiSRP Self Service is currently available to staff in HSE East and staff on East Payroll only. New functionality is now available on NiSRP Self Service which allows staff and managers to run reports on Annual Leave, Travel & Expenses and Absences.

The new functions are listed below – please click on the links for further instructions. (Please note these report are based on data entered into SAP).

Employee Reports:

Annual Leave: Shows all aspects of Annual Leave (A/L) entitlement, A/L taken, A/L remaining including any Carried Forward leave. 

View Annual Leave instructions

Travel & Expenses: Shows all aspects of Travel and Expenses claimed from 1st of the calendar year. It includes specific information about claims such as total kilometres travelled, types of expenses claimed and amount reimbursed. 

View Travel and Expenses instructions

Absence Report: Enables you to view a report of your own Absences for specific periods (includes other absences in addition to annual leave, e.g., maternity leave) 

View Absence Report instructions

Manager Reports: Travel and Expenses - allow managers to review all expenses which are Submitted, Not Approved, Approved and Reimbursed for employees who report to you. Managers can also create a report for their own expenses.

View Manager Reports: Travel and Expenses instructions for managers

Absence Report: Enables managers to view a report of employees Absences for specific periods. Managers can view their own absences on here too. 

View Absence Report instructions for managers

Please note all queries in relation to absences, leave records and or travel and expense claims should be addressed to Line Managers.