About Human Resources

The HSE is the largest employer in the State, with more than 67,000 direct employees, and a further 35,000 employed by agencies funded by the HSE.  Each employee plays a vital role in contributing to the HSE.

In the HR Directorate we strive to foster a family friendly work environment that enables all employees to embrace the core values of the HSE - care, compassion, trust and learning.

Our recruitment and selection procedures ensure the recruitment of the right mix of people, who can make an effective contribution to the HSE.

Our policies aim to attract, motivate, recognise and retain competent staff members.  We identify employee training needs and design bespoke training programmes that enable our employees acquire the right skills for meeting the current job needs and support them in career progression and in maintaining professional standards & skills.

Our performance management system aims to reinforce the culture of commitment, adaptability and high performance.  We are committed to induction, coaching, mentoring, succession planning and supporting those who exit the HSE either through resignation or retirement.

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HSE National HR Organisation Structure (PDF, size 106 KB, 1 page)