Learning Activity 3 My achievements so far

Activity 3 - My achievements so far (learning outcomes 1.1, 1.2)

Students reflect on some of their achievements in life so far. They consider the practice and effort involved in achieving that success and the character strengths and qualities they used when working on these achievements.

Step 1: Our achievements as children

Ask the students to discuss the following questions in small groups:

  •  What did we typically succeed in doing between the ages of 0–2 years
  •  What did we typically succeed in doing between the ages of 0–5 years
  •  What did we typically succeed in doing between the ages of 5–10 years

Take feedback from the students using the Teacher’s note to guide the discussion.

Teacher's note

Between the ages of 0-2, we typically learned to walk. We put weight on our feet, we stood, we tried to put one foot in front of the other, we fell and we got up hundreds and hundreds of times until we could toddle, then walk, then run. It usually takes 18 months for a baby to learn to walk.

Between the ages of 0-5, we learned to talk. We heard our parents/carers talk, we tried to copy them, we made sounds, we smiled, we said single words, we combined two or three words, we started to speak in sentences until eventually, we could hold a conversation. At 5 years of age, a child knows 80% of the words they need in order to communicate daily.

Between the ages of 5-10, we typically learned to read. We learned the alphabet, the sounds that match the letter, how to blend the letters together to make words,
how to read sentences, how to read short stories, longer stories and books.

Distribute the worksheet - my achievements so far and ask students to complete it.

Show students the character strengths presentation. Ask them to think about the character strengths they have drawn upon in their achievements so far. They can also add their character strengths to their worksheets.

Download My achievements so far worksheet

Download the character strengths display.

Teacher's note

Character strengths are qualities that affect how we think, feel and behave. It is very empowering if students can identify and appreciate the character strengths they drew upon.

We all have character strengths. It can be quite hard to identify whereas our weak points or faults come to mind more easily. We, therefore, have to work harder to identify and acknowledge our strengths. It is important that we understand this about ourselves and have patience with ourselves.

Discussion points

  •  How did you find this activity?
  •  Is it surprising to think of all you have already achieved?
  •  What is it like to think about and name your strengths?
  •  Why do you think it is important to take the time to notice and acknowledge your achievements and your character strengths? -  for example, makes us feel good, it is motivating, we realise the resources we have within us, how strong we are already.

Step 3: Reflection

Think about and record responses to the following in your SPHE copy or journal.

The achievements that I am proudest of are

A character strength I can recognise in myself is