Staff Engagement

How are opportunities created for staff to develop solutions to challenges they face daily?

Passion, knowledge, creativity and commitment of people who provide services energises improvement. We also believe that because they have a unique insight into the challenges of their services, they are best placed to develop practical and sustainable solutions in partnership with people who access services.

Overview of Leadership Skills for Engaging Staff in QI

If you are interested in the welfare and experience of people using health services and people providing them and in improving clinical outcomes or productivity and cost management, then staff engagement is critical.  International research tells us that staff engagement is an essential part of improving quality.  It is a key driver on the Framework for Improving Quality in our Health Service and is intrinsically linked to the other drivers.  

To get started you might find "A practical toolkit - Leadership Skills for Engaging Staff in Improving Quality " helpful. 

These links will help you further developing your staff engagement skills.

How can we help?

The Staff Engagement Improving Programme works:

  • to support leaders to further develop their skills for staff engagement,
  • provide guidance on the design of staff engagement interventions as part of your work to improve quality improvement
  • partners with services to develop and test methodologies which value the staff voice and encourage creative problem solving for quality improvement, and
     shares learning. 

National Staff Engagement Forum