The Nurture Programme - Infant Health and Wellbeing

About 70,000 babies are born in Ireland every year - that's 192 every day or one baby every 7½ minutes.  All parents want what's best for their child, and new parents in particular need support from everyone around them to achieve that.

The Nurture Programme - Infant Health and Wellbeing is being established with these babies and their parents at its heart. Our aim is to do our part to help give each one of these babies the best start in life.

From pregnancy through to the child’s third birthday parents will meet a healthcare professional at least 25 times. The relationship between our healthcare professionals and parents is the focus of The Nurture Programme.  Find out more:


About the Programme

The Programme is a partnership between the Health Service Executive, the Atlantic Philanthropies, the Katharine Howard Foundation and the Centre for Effective Services.

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