Resources for People living with a Long-term Health Condition

This section contains helpful information and resources for people living with a long-term health condition.

Minding your Long-term Health Condition during Coronavirus Leaflet

People living with a long-term health condition may be more at risk of serious illness if they get coronavirus and need to take extra care to protect themselves. It is really important that they continue to manage their long-term health condition. You can download our information leaflet on minding your long-term health condition during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tips For Self-Managing your Health when living with a Long-term Health Condition

There are many things that you can do to help self-manage your health when living with a long-term health condition. For further information download our information leaflet.

Resources and Supports for Adults with Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Conditions and Stroke during Coronavirus

This directory is for people living with long-term health conditions. It aims to signpost people to reliable information and services. It also provides information on how to access these supports.


An Asthma Action Plan is a document that contains all the information you need to keep your asthma under control.

Find out more information and resources on Asthma.


COPD Communication Card 
Your COPD communication card will contain all information relevant to your COPD and an action plan for you to follow depending on how you are feeling.
Your healthcare professional may give you this, it can help you recognise and manage a flare-up.

COPD Self-management Plan:
This COPD self-care plan will help you to manage your condition when you are well and to be aware of your symptoms so that you know what to do in the event of a flare-up.

Read further COPD information and resources.

Minding your Long-term Health Condition Videos

These short videos provide practical and clear information to support people to self-manage and to stay well.   

These videos focus on:

Support Materials

Tips on How to Stay Physically Active Infographic ( PDF, size 3.45 MB 1 page)

Living Well Programme

Living Well is a free group self-management programme. It supports people to develop the skills which help them to live well with their long-term health condition. For more information on this programme click here