COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Health Professionals

Information for people getting vaccinated

Information for Vaccinators

The National Immunisation Office is supporting the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme by providing training and information materials.

National Immunisation Advisory Committee

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC)(you will be directed to the RCPI website) is an independent body outside of the HSE. It comprises of representatives from a broad range of medical and healthcare organisations, who provide expert, evidence-based, impartial guidance to the Chief Medical Officer in the Department of Health.

Read the NIAC guidance and recommendations (you will be directed to the RCPI website) 

Information prepared by the HSE

The following information has been prepared by the National Immunisation Office and other clinical experts. This information is updated regularly and we recommend you check this section often to ensure you have up to date and accurate information when vaccinating.


Clinical Queries

Healthcare professionals can contact us through our HSE Mailbox.

Please ensure you do not include patient identifiable information in your email as emails will be deleted.  

We do not deal with queries from members of the public. 

You no longer need a Covid-19 vaccination certificate for travel. If you need a Covid-19 vaccination record for another reason please click here for more information

Cold Chain Queries

Should vaccines be exposed to temperatures outside of parameters please contact the National Immunisation Office immediately. Contacts include:

  • Achal Gupta: 087 4064810
  • Leah Gaughan: 087 1881667
  • Cora Kerrigan: 087 1881565
  • Email:


This page was updated on 15 December 2023