Hepatitis B

Read the guidance from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee - Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland. Chapter 9 for the most up to date information about Hepatitis B. (you will be directed to the RCPI website)



HBVaxPro is in short supply from the manufactures and stocks will be unavailable until 2021. The Guidelines state that:

For those at high risk of HBV infection

• For those with a level of anti-HBs <10m IU/ml. 2 months after the third dose, a repeated course of vaccination, preferably with an alternative hepatitis B vaccine, is recommended.

However currently there is no alternative, so a second course of Engerix should be given.


Please note any queries about laboratory results should be directed to the laboratory and not to the National Immunisation Office.


This page was added on 24 October 2019