About the National Immunisation Office

The National Immunisation Office is responsible for managing vaccine procurement and distribution, developing training and communication materials for the public and health professionals.

All information on Immunisation is evidence based and reviewed by a panel of immunisation experts from Royal College of Physicians of Ireland National Immunisation Advisory Committee to ensure it is scientifically accurate and is based on the Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland. The information on these pages is monitored and updated by a team of public health doctors who are members of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland National Immunisation Advisory Committee and staff from the National Immunisation Office.

The site includes a facility to "ask a question". These queries are responded to as quickly as possible and the content of the website is updated if appropriate. All immunisation related queries are responded to by a member of the National Immunisation Office. All clinical queries are responded to by a member of our medical staff. Our staff profiles are available to view below. 

All those involved in the content of this site are employed by the HSE and do not receive funding from any external source.

The National Immunisation Office website was assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and passed their 'credibility and content good information practices criteria'. It is included in the WHO's list of vaccine safety websites.

The National Immunisation Office is entirely government funded and receives no funding from any external commercial source.


Mission Statement

The mission of the National Immunisation Office is to work with key stakeholders and support healthcare providers to maximise the uptake of all national immunisation programmes.

The National Immunisation Office provides strategic direction in support of a best practice based, equitable and standardised delivery of publicly funded immunisation programmes.


National Immunisation Office Staff and Editorial Team:

  • Dr Sean Denyer, Interim Director of the National Immunisation Office and is responsible for the coordination of all national immunisation programmes. 
  • Dr Tom Barrett, MB Dch MRCOG Senior Medical Officer is responsible for the development of protocols and guidelines for the schools immunisation programme.
  • Ms Cliona Kiersey,  BSc Pharm MPSI MSc (Pharm Med), Diploma in Leadership and Quality in Healthcare. Chief Pharmacist is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the National Cold Chain Delivery Service including vaccine procurement and contract management
  • Ms Mary Dowling, Diploma in Leadership and Quality in Healthcare, Diploma Healthcare Management is responsible for overseeing all business and financial aspects of the National Immunisation Office.
  • Ms Kerry Ryder, General Manager 
  • Ms Vicky McKenna, NICHIS project support is working on the implementation of the National Immunisation and Childhealth Information system and national administrator for the School Immunisation System (SIS).
  • Ms Yvonne Morrissey, Foundation in Business Analysis, Certificate in Data Visualisation, Certificate in Lean Manufacturing Tools, Diploma in Leadership and Quality in Healthcare, Diploma Website Design, Advanced Diploma Web Design and Website Development, BSc Ord Degree Health Science and Physiology, BSc Hons Public Health and Health Promotion. Communications Manager is responsible developing campaign materials, for maintaining the immunisation websites www.immunisation.ie, www.hpv.ie and www.hse.ie/flu and managing the twitter account @hseimm.
  • Mr Peter Darcy, Information Officer is responsible for managing the distribution of immunisation information materials for members of the public and health professionals.


We can be contacted at:

HSE National Immunisation Office,
Units 8-9 Manor Street Business Park,
Manor Street,
Dublin 7

Phone 01 8676108

Email immunisation@hse.ie



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